Monday, February 28, 2011

Exciting News Coming In 2 Weeks!!!

Folks, I have some really exciting news coming in a couple of weeks, Can you guess what It is????? Well, I can't share with you right now. I do know a lot of you will know how I will be feeling... As you've been there and done that. As for now you may start guessing.  Even if you guess, I have to remain mum about it.  It's my duty...

Did you enjoy the post on Proportion sizes?  I have a little more information on this subject, I have a few pictures that might help. Sometimes I'm more of a visual person than a read the information type.

As I mentioned before serving sizes  have grown so much in recent years that we barely remember what an average portion is supposed to look like. When restaurants offer us tremendous amounts of food, it's difficult to put down the fork and say "done," even after you're full. Overeating can sabotage your goals of reaching or maintaining a healthy weight, so here's a visual guideline  showing how big the portion sizes on your plate should be.

 3 oz of Meat =

A deck of cards 

1 small baked Potato=
A Computer Mouse

A bagel  =

A Hockey Puck

Potato chips, pretzels, popcorn =

a Tea Cup

A cup of Rice =

a cupcake wrapper

1 oz of Cheese =

A roll of film

Nuts =

An egg, and I tried to find a picture of the prettiest egg ever,
I love pysanky eggs they are so beautiful thought you could remember this one better

And Pasta =

My friends I really hope these visual aids help you in making the right proportion size and help you to get back on track with your healthy eating..

Tah Tah for Now... Enjoy your beautiful Sunday..... news will be forthcoming soon....

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Portion Size

Lets talk Portion size, what do I mean by that? First of all let me tell you this one is going to be a little lengthy, but stick with me, Its informative. Todays portion size in restaurants. Is this normal or do they try and give you your money's worth? Or do they have an alternative behind the portion size?

Many restaurants today offer different sizes, lets take fast food for instance:  May we supersize that for you for only .49 cents more?  Huh?  Our 1st thoughts would be getting more food for just a few cents more. Right?  Think about it the next time they offer this just how many more calories/fat you would be consuming.

Example: If we ordered a crispy chicken sandwich, fries and a soft drink, this checks in at approximately 1340 calories. Then if we were to visit one of our favorites dine in restaurants, look at the plate proportion that is brought out to you when you have ordered your meal. It's actually enough for 2 people. According to nutrition guides. So why not decide to order 1 plate and share it with your significant other. Or when ordering ask for a to go box and split it off "Before" you start eating. Why do it before you start? Simple, if you don't have it on your plate you won't be tempted to eat it. Think less calories.

One thing I learned when I first had my surgery was when going out to eat at restaurants, #1 my eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach. So with not being able to eat much, my husband would be kind enough to order a simple meal and let me cut a portion of the chicken off for my protein so that I could eat with him. He actually never missed that small amount on his plate.

Portion size is a real important part of our world, Just think about your sizes.  We all could loose a little bit of weight even, and even be more healthy.  Start being aware of the sizes. Here are a few tips I would like to share on portion sizes. Bariatric patient are recommended to eat 6 small meals a day to help regulate our blood sugars, and be able to get in our protein first, vegetables, fruits, grains. Then 30 minutes after the meal start consuming your water.....

When eating out tips:
  • Order 1 meal and split it with your significant other (save money-calories)
  • start chewing your food by each bite (at least 15 times before swallowing)
  • Order water this saves money too, If you need flavor start carrying crystal light packets to give you flavor
  • Skip the desert-or split it. (huge in calorie intake) just looking at it is calories alone... (lol)

Eating at home:
  • Grab your cook books start preparing for healthy meals (your health is important)
  • grab you a mini scale at a department store and start weighing and measuring your proportions
Start Brown bagging your lunches to work/School
  • pack your sandwiches/fruits in reusies not only does it save you money but helps the environment I love these reusies, I just won a set a couple of weeks ago over at my Mammamoiselle's .
Normal sizes according to nutrition guides: Perhaps this will help you a bit. I borrowed this information from Barix clinics store

Foods listed in the "Avoid" column are higher in fat or sugar than recommended. Occasionally choosing a food that is higher in fat will not hinder your weight-loss efforts. Choosing higher fat foods regularly will contribute to a higher calorie intake and may slow your weight loss. Foods with more than 2 grams of added sugar should be avoided—period. If you need a sweet fix, find a no-added-sugar alternative for an occasional treat.
Milk Group
Foods and beverages from this group are generally a good source of protein and calcium. Choose 4–6 small servings each day.
Choose                         Serving Size         AvoidSkim, 1/2%, 1% milk     1/2 cup               Flavored coffee creamer
Low-fat buttermilk         1 /2 cup              Regular yogurt
Sugar-free nonfat yogurt 1/2 cup              Regular ice cream
Low-fat frozen yogurt     1/2 cup             2%, whole milk
(no added sugar)
Low-fat cottage cheese   1/4 cup            Cream
Low-fat cheeses               1/2 oz              Sour Cream Cheese

Meat Group
Foods from this group are generally a very good source of protein. Choose 4–6 ounces of lean meat, fish, or poultry daily. Prepare with limited amounts of fat.
Choose                                     Serving Size                  Avoid
Lean cuts of meat                    2 oz                                 Higher fat cuts of meat with visible fat removed
Baked, broiled, steamed         2 oz                                 Beef brisket fish or shellfish
Poultry, with skin removed    2 oz                                 Ground beef
Eggs or egg substitutes           2 each                             Short ribs
Dried beans and peas               1/2 cup                           Organ meat
Low-fat refried beans              1/2 cup                           Bacon
Low-fat Garden Burgers          2 oz                                Luncheon meat or Veggie Dogs
Lean deli meats                        2 oz                                Peanut butter
Low-fat hot dogs                      2 oz                                Fried meats or bologna Meats with breading
Fruit Group
Foods from this group are generally good sources of vitamins and fiber. Choose whole fruits in place of juice when possible. Choose a good Vitamin C source, such as an orange or grapefruit daily. Choose 2–4 small servings per day.

Choose                                       Serving Size                    Avoid
Fresh fruits                               1/4 cup or 1/2                  small Fruit pie filling
Frozen fruits                             1/4 cup                              Canned fruit in syrup without added sugar
Canned fruits                            1/4 cup                              Juices with packed in water or juice added sugar
Fruit juices                               1/4 cup                              Fruit drinks without added sugar V8 Splash Fruit sorbets
Grain Group
Foods from this group are generally a good source of B-vitamins and fiber. Choose 4–6 small servings per day.

Choose                             Serving Size                     Avoid
Whole grain breads              1/2 slice                           Croissants
Light or Less breads             1 slice                              Butter rolls
English muffins                     1/4                                    Biscuits
Saltine crackers                    4 each                               Pancakes
Breadsticks                           1/2 oz                                Theater popcorn
Rice                                       1/4 cup                              Regular microwave popcorn
Pasta                                      1/4 cup                              Donuts
Cereal with                            1/4 cup                              Danish low sugar content
Hamburger bun                     1/4                                      Muffins
Flour or corn tortilla            1 small                               Granola
Light microwave popcorn    1 cup                                  Sweetened cereals
Pretzels                                  1/2 oz                                Fruit breads

Vegetable Group

Foods from this group are generally rich in vitamins and fiber. Choose a dark green leafy and yellow or orange vegetable three times each week for Vitamin A. Choose 3–5 small servings daily

Choose                                    Serving Size                  Avoid

Fresh vegetables                   1/4 cup                            Vegetables prepared with butter, cheese or sauce
Frozen vegetables                 1/4 cup                            without added sugars
Canned vegetables                1/4 cup                            Vegetable juices without added sugars with added sugars
Raw, leafy greens                 1/2 cup                             Canned or frozen vegetables with added sugars

Tah Tah for Now

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Alternative to water!!!!!

Thought I would check in this evening, How is everyone doing?  I'm doing well, Thank you. Got to thinking today, yes I know, Please don't think.......thats also what I was thinking this afternoon when I was trying to get my new iphone to sync.... Gadgets!!!  hard to figure them out but hard to live without them. Ha.... !! Back to why I was checking in,  I sometimes struggle as many of you do to get my water in and I know that I've touched base on this quite often, but folks its a very important part of everyday life to get in the necessary amounts of water that our bodies need.  Sometimes, I don't get it in myself. However, I do try. And thats why I've decided to touch base again this evening.

I just found a Coupon this evening for some crystal light. Yes you can add this to your water, or sugar free hawaii punch flavors to your water.  This will get you to drinking your water and give you a treat as well.  So there you have an alternative to water.... What do you think?  I thought you might enjoy this.  Just a reminder.....Oh I think I'll go grab a bottle of water from the fridge......

Guess tomorrow is hump day.  We'll be getting ready to go on the down side of the week. Gearing up for Saturday..Woo Hoo. We just live for the weekends don't we. 

I'll go for now, I certainly hope you enjoy the rest of your evening.

Tah Tah for now....
Love you guys, and thank you again so much for following me.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

I've Returned from Trip

Happy Sunday to all... Hope your doing well. We returned safely, I had planned on taking in a few things that I wanted to do, but most of the time, My things always seem to hit the back burner.  Oh well, one of these days.... I have came to the conclusion that I will start talking to myself on my computer.  I can at least get my conversation in without being cut off... Huh sound familiar???? I'm sure this happens to all.

Well This morning I made me a smoothie with 1 cup of diabetic dannon yogurt, 1 scoop of protein powder, a few frozen strawberries and some ice. Turned out well. I've managed to get in a good chunk of my protein today.  How have you done this morning?

Do you have plans today?  I think I'm just going to hang out here and play around on tweeking my blog a bit, what do you think about the new background? I liked it when I first changed it, but I feel its a little bit too busy.  Then I want to take my blog buttons that I have on the side and put them side by side. I don't know how to do that so I'm going to have to tinker a bit and see if I can figure out how to do that.

Thought I had figured it out but my thinking just doesn't work sometimes. It backfired.  I did receive some good information from one of my frequent Blogs that I visit Mommy D's website she is really good.  She knows her stuff. Thank you Mommy D.

We touched on Empowerment yesterday thought we would touch base on Willpower this is something we all have challenges with.  It takes everyone having support behind us to sometimes keep us in line.The right kind of support. Positive, Someone that will tell you like it is, not what you want to hear.  Please read it and let me know what you think.

Tah Tah for now

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Oohhh Its Cool..outside

Dear Friends,
I'm blogging to let you know that I am currently over in Middle Tn, inside a motel that we stay at, when my husband wants to go and check on his cameras These cameras attach to a tree so that he can capture pictures of his deer (4) legged friends. It's a bit cool over here.  After the beautiful and warm few days that we had been enjoying,  I must say I was getting a wittle bit used to. We didn't bring jackets.  Huh! tough it out? or go buy one. No I'll stay here wheres it warm inside.

By the time hubby gets to walking to check out his cameras, he will be warmed up. Besides, I need to check in with you! Also check out some of the deals going on at Kroger, as I have spotted one across the street. (hehe) I actually knew it was here. You know me. 

Well everyone, how has your journaling been going, Have you been keeping it up? How about eating well?  Drinking your water, taking your supplements?  Check, Check, Check, and Check.....Good for you... I'm so proud of you.. (and me)

I've found something that I thought I should share with you.  I know this read was good for me. Its on Empowerment we all need resources such as these,  I pulled this link from a website that I frequent and have friended Kaye on facebook. She is an inspiration to us all that have/haven't had the surgery.  And if you haven't clicked on to follow me, Please do so if you like my blog. I love the company. I'm also on facebook under Lisa Simmons (chattanooga) should you like to friend me there. Come on over, we'll also chat about couponing..... deals etc.  I'll be updating My Favorite Deals page on facebook soon. Until then, I'll post some deals I'm working on in my page up top for deals I'm working on .

Well I'm off for now.  Enjoy your weekend. Supposed to be beautiful. 

Tah Tah for Now.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Brown Bag Lunches

Eating Healthy?  I'm giving it my best shot by packing mine and my husbands lunches/breakfast daily.  Not only do I eat healthier by doing this but also save on the average $5-8 per meal per person. Calculate that savings. Go with a medium of $6.00 x5 = $30.00 for me and $6.00 x 5 =$30.00 for hubby.  That's $60 bucks a week, Just for lunches, Now calculate the breakfast $3.00 per person per day=$18.00 or $36.00 for the 2 of us. Grand total saved per wk just on breakfast/lunch $96.00 for the wk.

Studies are finding that people are beginning to go back to brown bagging their lunches, due to being able to eat what we choose and not that of what is available on a restaurants menu. Some only have a minimum selection.  Yesterday I just read where some schools are getting involved by starting with local farmers. click on this link and read what this school is doing.

Also, most schools are trying to cut back on physical activities such as gym (pe) that we used to participate in as children. Yes they have sports, but this is not like the physical exercises, etc. that our coaches used to routinely make us go through daily. In other words getting in fit.

By using coupons and matching them up with some of the deals that are posted on the boards you will start to stockpile some of the staples that are used by your family on a weekly basis, and save quite a bit of money. Pull out the cookbooks and start seeing what you can prepare for your family. Make it a family affair to get everyone involved. Cook together, eat together, then get out and do some exercise together. You don't have to join the gym for the extra expense. Get out and walk the nature trails or your neighborhood.  Give it a try, do some research and start getting healthier and start saving your family money. 

I'm so glad I made the choice to have the bariatric surgery, It was so good. Yes it was tough and is still tough to maintain the loss and eating habits that keep me from returning to my previous lifestyle. I don't ever want to go back there.  I love my new lifestyle.  I just need to get myself pulled back together and do more exercising.

If you should need some help with couponing or I can be of support on some tips that helped me with my surgery journey. Please send me an email.

Tah Tah for Now, It's thursday and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Monday, February 14, 2011

❤❤❤Happy Valentine's Day❤❤❤

Good morning All you Valentine's...... Will you be my valentine today?????  Remember as a child getting your valentines ready for class?  Decorating the bags/boxes to receive your class valentines in. Then going by the list that your teacher sent home checking off everyones name, including your own to make sure everyone received a valentine.  I often wondered when I got to class if I would have any.  I was always a in secure one. The classroom mom's were the best and I know they still are today.

Decorating the classrooms, making the cupcakes, cookies, punch, oh how the valentines have changed since we were young, now you can create them 3d. using scrapbooking ideas, stamping, even searching the internet for cute ideas. Who would have imagined that today we would be searching the internet for ideas rather than using our minds, or looking in magazines for ideas.  We still use our creative minds, review our magazines, but I would say close to 80% or higher many ideas come from searching/surfing.

Which leads to what I have found over the weekend and couldn't wait to give to my hubby this morning... Oh it was so clever. And I had made them before years ago. But thought I would renew the idea. I went out to the internet after finding these at walgreens and made my own, but wanted to get these just because I had some RR (register rewards) that I was going to loose. I'm sorry for some reason my scanner wasn't cooperating this morning I couldn't adjust/crop the image. But you should be able to get the picture. These were .99 cents at walgreens.
You can pick up a regular hershey's candy bar then search google for a free candy bar wrapper template and then put your own wording on it
Bee Creative.... Suggestions:
Coupon for: Bubble bath
Candlelight dinner
Movie night
Free Babysitter
Dinner Reservations at your favorite diner
Or Invitation at your place x-time x-date

Etc. you get the picture.
Have fun with it, Enjoy your time with each other.  Love is in the air, To make it work everyone has to give a bit.
Love You
❤❤❤Happy Valentine's Day❤❤❤

Tah Tah for Now

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pre-Valentines Eve~!~~~~

Happy Pre-Valentines day!..  Hubby came in and surprised me with not only 1 bouquet of flowers but 2.
(1) small pot of minature roses and (2) a pot of Yellow tulips and of course he was covering everything, even though he knows I can't do candy, he brought me a chocolate peanut butter heart. I really think that he picked it up for him. (lol)

Then he asks where I would like to go eat.  (olive garden) he suggests. He knows that I love their unlimited salad bowl. So he talked me into going so I asked him if I could stop by rite aid for the coffee deal that was still going on.  Sure we can do that.  He knows that I don't go anywhere without my coupon bag. As we were pulling into the parking lot my youngest son called and wanted to know if we wanted to go out and eat with him and his girlfriend. So we changed our plans and went with them.

Outback it was, they ordered the works, appetizers, steak tea, etc.  And the bread they bring out.  Is to die for.  My husband slices a piece and slides it over to me, Now I am going on 5 years post op.  And he knows that Bread and I don't do well together. (toasted) is one thing but fresh bread. Well lets just say it doesn't go anywhere once It enters into my stream. So I politely slide it back over to him and tell him he can have my slice, I don't believe I want any today.

Then the waiter comes by to refill the glasses and notices that I don't need a refill on my water glass, and asks "mam" is there something wrong with your drink?  Now I learned after I first had my surgery, that if you don't order a drink it confuses the waiter/waitress.  They just don't understand the concept of you not being able to eat/drink the same time.  So I have to explain, and my son's girlfriend keeps looking at me as to why wasn't I indulging on the appetizers. I did eat (1) french fry and about 2 slices of the blooming onion.  My husband then asks why I wasn't eating.  He knows why he just doesn't get it sometimes. 

So I told him, I'm saving my space for the meal, grilled chicken with fresh steamed vegetables. So when the meal comes and they dig in and finish before I have. I asked the waiter if I could have a box to take the rest home. I will have it for supper.  Yeah Right!!!!! I rarely ever get to eat it for left overs, when my boys see something from a restaruant in the fridge, they know its my left overs and theres enough to give them a taste. So this evening I fooled them, and jumped and grabbed it before they hit the kitchen.  They were devastated. But MOM.... sorry boys.   Well that was my evening. I certainly hope you enjoy your evening with your sweetie.  Happy Pre-Valentines day.  Also here is free code to redbox for you to use on your way to work in the morning.  Pick up a girlie movie for your sweetie, better get it on your way to work, or log on and pre-rent it to be picked up at the redbox use

"bemine"  or here is one that is good today according to some of the boards that I frequent quite often " FEB7MOVIE"

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Georgous Day!

Oh what a wonderful Morning, Oh what a beautiful (gorgeous) Day! I'm so happy to see you.... Sunshine is heading your way...... Remember these lines?  Isn't it a wonderful day?  Making plans for your sweetheart?

Don't forget.... Or you will be in the dog house.... It really doesn't take much to please us.  Just a little luv, appreciation. A look here and there. You know the one that you used to give when you first fell in luv?

Well what are your plans? You can do lots of things that don't cost a arm and a leg. First of all, If she has an email send her a free greeting card via email. Or search the Internet and create her a greeting card with your wording on it and print it off. Me. I don't do candy. so something personal that I created is really special. On valentines day, plan on cooking a meal at home. Go to your freezer, pull out a meat prepare it by marinating it. With the weather still supposed to be pretty Monday, Plan on grilling out. Cut up some vegetables and grill them or get a steamer bag and cook them in the microwave. Or bake a potato. Or you could surprise her with a pot of spaghetti. 

Especially this week, If you have a bi-lo they have spaghetti on sale b1g1 so for 2 packages for the price of 1. You can use 1 for now save one for later, Pick up a couple of jars of Bertolli sauce, it is on sale this week too.  For less than $4.00 you can make spaghetti. Take some loaf bread, butter it and sprinkle it with garlic powder and put it in the oven to toast. Then for desert, pick up some strawberries, and cool whip. simple.....yet cheap.

Besides when you tell her you bought the b1g1 deals and saved money, she will love you that much more. MMMMmmmm!! This sounds good now. Might be what I have today.

Or jump over to my recipe tab and take a gander there might be something over there you can make or send me an email, I'll try and find you something wonder.

Tah Tah for now. Enjoy this Gorgeous Day!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday! Friday! Friday! Morning All!

Good morning All,
Its Friday!  We survived the little bit of snow that we received and good news is.... Looks like Phil is going to be right on cue.... Or at least I have hope that he is... Come on Phil don't fail us now.  We are looking forward to the warmth and sunshine in Spring... And the weatherman says we are already gearing up for a wonderful and beautiful weekend. What are your plans???? Well mine, I'm for one going to get outside take in the fresh air and enjoy the scenery. Walk, Walk, Walk....

Kicking off the warmth by getting outside and getting myself back in gear to start reducing again.  Yeah... now that I'm feeling better and know what is causing the issues with myself.  Its time to regain the attitude of what is needed to continue my healthy journey....

I've slacked off the protein in the egg whites in morning and I have stashed a container of protein powder in breakroom at work, and my co-worker is helping me to make sure that I get in the protein that I need, She's even making the protein shake for us.  She is experiencing with the different flavors and has said she will mix it up until we find one that we can't live without..  How wonderful she is.  Then one of my long distance co-workers calls in to check on some work related items and is always thoughtful and encouraging with "how you doing"  so between the two.  I'm making progress.

Thank you.....Now on to you...Are you journaling your entries into your food journal?  Yes I am, even thought I may not be posting it, it is being written down, even the grazing that I pick up occassionally.

This past week I found have some more very good information that I'm working on and will share.  I'll post more on that this weekend.  I think you will enjoy the information. It really hits home...

Well its now 4:56 am on friday morning and as usual can't sleep after I get hubby off to work so I'm doing my wonderful surfing.... I love it.  Looking for inspiration.... to help me throughout the day... God is good. He provides us with exactly what we need and when we need it.  Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Love you
Tah Tah for now...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Correction!!!! We've become Legal.....

Good evening My friends, it has been brought to my attention that I had an incorrect Title on my blog from this morning.  I had not even thought about it. I was too involved with being such a Proud momma that I overlooked the scenario here..... It should Have read I had become of legal age. Meaning, This was the youngest son and that I was now free to come and go as I pleased.... Hummmm !!! liked that. That means Momma and Pappa can have time together again.  I don't know about that one.  We'll have to see (hehe).
Been too busy raising the boys to take time for ourselves. 

So we have discussed the plans for our future.  We will be planning a twosome trip soon, we are tossing around the idea of taking a trip to Myrtle beach, SC.  Last year we went to the Bahamas, but we had tag alongs, yes my youngest son and his girlfriend, don't get me wrong here. It was a really good trip and we enjoyed the company. So we are going to try it on our own. Since we have become legal again.....

What are your thoughts?  We would love a few suggestions to where we can go on a mini vacation we are looking at sometime in March, April or even May.  Depends on what days work out.

Thank you, now that I have corrected the title.  I hope my friends will feel better, I know that I do..
Well gotta go for now, One of my favorite Country Music artists are about to perform before the Super Bowl Begins.  Go Packers!  or Go Steelers!  I'm not partial. Just want to see a good game and enjoy the company, snacks (healthy snacks) today. 

Tah Tah for now...

Finally Legal!!!!

Upon rising this morning I peeked outside... Kinda gloomy.. Then I proceeded to go to the kitchen to begin breakfast.. Thought I would fix something special since this is a Special Day. Whats so special about it. Well
1st of all, my dad used to say if you asked him how he was in the morning. My eyes opened and I was able to get out of bed. That's a special day, I used to greet my mother in the mornings when I would go by to see her with Morning Sunshine.... Oh how I miss the two of them.  Then theres my friend Bill. He didn't have any local family. So he had special friends, and I had the privilege of being one of them. 

Then there is the Big Special day. You know the one that every one looks forward to. Twenty One years ago yesterday I went into the hospital to deliver my second son "Cody". Only not delivering him until February 6th, at 8:36 am. How he has grown through the years becoming a handsome, very lovable, and talented young man.  We are very proud of him.

H.S. Graduation 2008!
He has accomplished many ventures through his very few years.  It's just like it was yesterday that I was holding him in my arms for the 1st time, then begins the talking, sassing....walking,  friends, playing, grammar school, modeling-auditioning-acting, middle school, traveling, sports, middle school, Golf for the 1st time, making the team having never played the game before.

Proud Moma, Cody, Joe (Proud Papa)

Big Brother (Travis) Cody, Mom
Determined to make it, driving golf ball after golf ball in the back yard, countless hours.  Then there was high school, learning to drive, first car, (first wreck) survival.... oh my, Graduation, college, internships with Honda-Toyota. Then Graduating College with honors, becoming full time with Toyota, booking his 1st cruise on his own. Oh my friends what this young man has accomplished.  I could go on as a proud momma.  But I'll save you.... the details in between. I know you can relate.

Congratulations Cody on becoming "Finally Legal"..... Please continue to be responsible as you have become. We are proud of you. And wish you many more years to come. Fulfill your dreams.. Do what you love and love life and live it to its fullest.... Carry On....

Had to get off my course a bit today, I'll work on a new topic in a short bit. Thank you my friends for following me.  I love you.  Be sure and check out the deals I have found. Think you will enjoy this one.

Tah Tah for Now.
Happy 21st Cody. We love you and are proud of you.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day After Ground Hog Day

Wondering how you feel about the predictions from the Ground hog not seeing/seeing his/her shadow?   Well I'm all for the furry little (my bestest) friend, If indeed we do have spring right around the corner.  I'm all for it, or I should say I'm ready.  Isn't he cute????

With having lost this weight along comes loosing the insulation with it.  That means I layer, or sit wrapped up, even practically sit on my heater at work. The warmer it is the more I love it. Now there was a time that I literally (hated) shhhh!!! don't tell my boys I used that word...summer time. The heat and I just didn't get along.  I would be so tired, fatigued, not able to move, no energy.

I basically didn't do anything that took great effort.  Now a days I can't say that.  I love to get outside and do things, but lately I have been a little lazy and a lot of that is due to the weather outside. So thats where my friend Phil comes in.. Bring on the spring.  I'm ready.  Now lets plan a trip.

I'm going to bring up a lax subject lately... Have you been journaling even though I haven't been here?  I had to do a little vanishing act.  Sometimes, I just need to have a little disconnect from everyone, and everything to regroup.  You know the feeling. Well I'm back and ready to get going again. 

This week check out the deals that I have picked up.

Tah Tah for now.  Enjoy your evening. The weekend is upon us.  And they are calling for a wintry mix..  I'm sending good vibes to my furry little bestest friend that the wintry mix goes around us and for all of my northern friends, please stay warm and be careful out in these frigid temps.