Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday! Friday! Friday! Morning All!

Good morning All,
Its Friday!  We survived the little bit of snow that we received and good news is.... Looks like Phil is going to be right on cue.... Or at least I have hope that he is... Come on Phil don't fail us now.  We are looking forward to the warmth and sunshine in Spring... And the weatherman says we are already gearing up for a wonderful and beautiful weekend. What are your plans???? Well mine, I'm for one going to get outside take in the fresh air and enjoy the scenery. Walk, Walk, Walk....

Kicking off the warmth by getting outside and getting myself back in gear to start reducing again.  Yeah... now that I'm feeling better and know what is causing the issues with myself.  Its time to regain the attitude of what is needed to continue my healthy journey....

I've slacked off the protein in the egg whites in morning and I have stashed a container of protein powder in breakroom at work, and my co-worker is helping me to make sure that I get in the protein that I need, She's even making the protein shake for us.  She is experiencing with the different flavors and has said she will mix it up until we find one that we can't live without..  How wonderful she is.  Then one of my long distance co-workers calls in to check on some work related items and is always thoughtful and encouraging with "how you doing"  so between the two.  I'm making progress.

Thank you.....Now on to you...Are you journaling your entries into your food journal?  Yes I am, even thought I may not be posting it, it is being written down, even the grazing that I pick up occassionally.

This past week I found have some more very good information that I'm working on and will share.  I'll post more on that this weekend.  I think you will enjoy the information. It really hits home...

Well its now 4:56 am on friday morning and as usual can't sleep after I get hubby off to work so I'm doing my wonderful surfing.... I love it.  Looking for inspiration.... to help me throughout the day... God is good. He provides us with exactly what we need and when we need it.  Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Love you
Tah Tah for now...

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