Saturday, February 12, 2011

Georgous Day!

Oh what a wonderful Morning, Oh what a beautiful (gorgeous) Day! I'm so happy to see you.... Sunshine is heading your way...... Remember these lines?  Isn't it a wonderful day?  Making plans for your sweetheart?

Don't forget.... Or you will be in the dog house.... It really doesn't take much to please us.  Just a little luv, appreciation. A look here and there. You know the one that you used to give when you first fell in luv?

Well what are your plans? You can do lots of things that don't cost a arm and a leg. First of all, If she has an email send her a free greeting card via email. Or search the Internet and create her a greeting card with your wording on it and print it off. Me. I don't do candy. so something personal that I created is really special. On valentines day, plan on cooking a meal at home. Go to your freezer, pull out a meat prepare it by marinating it. With the weather still supposed to be pretty Monday, Plan on grilling out. Cut up some vegetables and grill them or get a steamer bag and cook them in the microwave. Or bake a potato. Or you could surprise her with a pot of spaghetti. 

Especially this week, If you have a bi-lo they have spaghetti on sale b1g1 so for 2 packages for the price of 1. You can use 1 for now save one for later, Pick up a couple of jars of Bertolli sauce, it is on sale this week too.  For less than $4.00 you can make spaghetti. Take some loaf bread, butter it and sprinkle it with garlic powder and put it in the oven to toast. Then for desert, pick up some strawberries, and cool whip. simple.....yet cheap.

Besides when you tell her you bought the b1g1 deals and saved money, she will love you that much more. MMMMmmmm!! This sounds good now. Might be what I have today.

Or jump over to my recipe tab and take a gander there might be something over there you can make or send me an email, I'll try and find you something wonder.

Tah Tah for now. Enjoy this Gorgeous Day!

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