Monday, February 14, 2011

❤❤❤Happy Valentine's Day❤❤❤

Good morning All you Valentine's...... Will you be my valentine today?????  Remember as a child getting your valentines ready for class?  Decorating the bags/boxes to receive your class valentines in. Then going by the list that your teacher sent home checking off everyones name, including your own to make sure everyone received a valentine.  I often wondered when I got to class if I would have any.  I was always a in secure one. The classroom mom's were the best and I know they still are today.

Decorating the classrooms, making the cupcakes, cookies, punch, oh how the valentines have changed since we were young, now you can create them 3d. using scrapbooking ideas, stamping, even searching the internet for cute ideas. Who would have imagined that today we would be searching the internet for ideas rather than using our minds, or looking in magazines for ideas.  We still use our creative minds, review our magazines, but I would say close to 80% or higher many ideas come from searching/surfing.

Which leads to what I have found over the weekend and couldn't wait to give to my hubby this morning... Oh it was so clever. And I had made them before years ago. But thought I would renew the idea. I went out to the internet after finding these at walgreens and made my own, but wanted to get these just because I had some RR (register rewards) that I was going to loose. I'm sorry for some reason my scanner wasn't cooperating this morning I couldn't adjust/crop the image. But you should be able to get the picture. These were .99 cents at walgreens.
You can pick up a regular hershey's candy bar then search google for a free candy bar wrapper template and then put your own wording on it
Bee Creative.... Suggestions:
Coupon for: Bubble bath
Candlelight dinner
Movie night
Free Babysitter
Dinner Reservations at your favorite diner
Or Invitation at your place x-time x-date

Etc. you get the picture.
Have fun with it, Enjoy your time with each other.  Love is in the air, To make it work everyone has to give a bit.
Love You
❤❤❤Happy Valentine's Day❤❤❤

Tah Tah for Now

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