Monday, February 28, 2011

Exciting News Coming In 2 Weeks!!!

Folks, I have some really exciting news coming in a couple of weeks, Can you guess what It is????? Well, I can't share with you right now. I do know a lot of you will know how I will be feeling... As you've been there and done that. As for now you may start guessing.  Even if you guess, I have to remain mum about it.  It's my duty...

Did you enjoy the post on Proportion sizes?  I have a little more information on this subject, I have a few pictures that might help. Sometimes I'm more of a visual person than a read the information type.

As I mentioned before serving sizes  have grown so much in recent years that we barely remember what an average portion is supposed to look like. When restaurants offer us tremendous amounts of food, it's difficult to put down the fork and say "done," even after you're full. Overeating can sabotage your goals of reaching or maintaining a healthy weight, so here's a visual guideline  showing how big the portion sizes on your plate should be.

 3 oz of Meat =

A deck of cards 

1 small baked Potato=
A Computer Mouse

A bagel  =

A Hockey Puck

Potato chips, pretzels, popcorn =

a Tea Cup

A cup of Rice =

a cupcake wrapper

1 oz of Cheese =

A roll of film

Nuts =

An egg, and I tried to find a picture of the prettiest egg ever,
I love pysanky eggs they are so beautiful thought you could remember this one better

And Pasta =

My friends I really hope these visual aids help you in making the right proportion size and help you to get back on track with your healthy eating..

Tah Tah for Now... Enjoy your beautiful Sunday..... news will be forthcoming soon....


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