Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hello Friends-Gearing Up!!!!!!

Hello my dear Friends
I do apologize for the neglect of my blog, I got a little sidetracked after vacation. Whew I'm ready to get going again.  What has everyone been up to?  We recuperated from vacation, my hubby's work hours changed to an hour later. So instead of me getting up at 2:15 am, I'm getting up at 3:15 am, now you wouldn't think that extra hour would make a difference but After this body has gotten adjusted to the wee hours for years, then change comes, It has to adjust, as I'm not as young as I used to be. Yes, I've also gotten a yr older since we last chatted.

No I don't feel any older mentally but my body some days thinks otherwise. Has everyone been keeping track of what they are eating?  I've tried, I haven't been writing everything down, but just trying to gage at what I'm in taking.  I've just about weaned myself off of the carb cravings.  I'm back on my water kick. And thats a plus.  Everyone should be drinking extra water these last few weeks especially with the weather being as hot as it has been. 

This evening we received a very welcomed rain. Cooled things off a bit it did..... Its hard to believe that It's already June 2011..  Riverbend is gearing up starting friday and Yes I'm on my way. Taking off a bit early so that I can get there and perhaps find a good place to set up.  Then, On Saturday, I'll be standing in line with excitement, in anticipating getting a shot to be a Wheel of Fortune contestant.  Wish me luck. (Good luck Lisa),  I love this show.  And hope I have a shot at making it. I've always wanted to go and be a contestant.  So since I haven't been able to go, They are bringing it to me..... (lol)  yes they surely will be calling Lisa Simmons to come on down.

No wait thats the price is right.... Well they will be calling me to come and put a SPIN on the wheel, guess some letters and solve the puzzles.  I've been practicing.  As for my world of couponing, Its still alive and well.  Just slacked off a bit and letting my stash dwindle down a bit.  This week Bi-lo is being so generous to us.  They had an incorrect ad placed stating they would double up to .99 cents. Now they normally only double up to .60 so that should make for some really good deals.  I'm going after the peter pan peanut butter.  (with the .50 coupon that is out Free peanut butter) or tax only.   Woohoo....

On another subject we finally got the pool set up, I'll post a few pictures later this weekend while I'm off and updating my blog.  Signing off for now. But keep in touch and thank you so much for being patient with me while I recoup or regroup....

Tah Tah for now...