Saturday, February 19, 2011

Oohhh Its Cool..outside

Dear Friends,
I'm blogging to let you know that I am currently over in Middle Tn, inside a motel that we stay at, when my husband wants to go and check on his cameras These cameras attach to a tree so that he can capture pictures of his deer (4) legged friends. It's a bit cool over here.  After the beautiful and warm few days that we had been enjoying,  I must say I was getting a wittle bit used to. We didn't bring jackets.  Huh! tough it out? or go buy one. No I'll stay here wheres it warm inside.

By the time hubby gets to walking to check out his cameras, he will be warmed up. Besides, I need to check in with you! Also check out some of the deals going on at Kroger, as I have spotted one across the street. (hehe) I actually knew it was here. You know me. 

Well everyone, how has your journaling been going, Have you been keeping it up? How about eating well?  Drinking your water, taking your supplements?  Check, Check, Check, and Check.....Good for you... I'm so proud of you.. (and me)

I've found something that I thought I should share with you.  I know this read was good for me. Its on Empowerment we all need resources such as these,  I pulled this link from a website that I frequent and have friended Kaye on facebook. She is an inspiration to us all that have/haven't had the surgery.  And if you haven't clicked on to follow me, Please do so if you like my blog. I love the company. I'm also on facebook under Lisa Simmons (chattanooga) should you like to friend me there. Come on over, we'll also chat about couponing..... deals etc.  I'll be updating My Favorite Deals page on facebook soon. Until then, I'll post some deals I'm working on in my page up top for deals I'm working on .

Well I'm off for now.  Enjoy your weekend. Supposed to be beautiful. 

Tah Tah for Now.

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