Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pre-Valentines Eve~!~~~~

Happy Pre-Valentines day!..  Hubby came in and surprised me with not only 1 bouquet of flowers but 2.
(1) small pot of minature roses and (2) a pot of Yellow tulips and of course he was covering everything, even though he knows I can't do candy, he brought me a chocolate peanut butter heart. I really think that he picked it up for him. (lol)

Then he asks where I would like to go eat.  (olive garden) he suggests. He knows that I love their unlimited salad bowl. So he talked me into going so I asked him if I could stop by rite aid for the coffee deal that was still going on.  Sure we can do that.  He knows that I don't go anywhere without my coupon bag. As we were pulling into the parking lot my youngest son called and wanted to know if we wanted to go out and eat with him and his girlfriend. So we changed our plans and went with them.

Outback it was, they ordered the works, appetizers, steak tea, etc.  And the bread they bring out.  Is to die for.  My husband slices a piece and slides it over to me, Now I am going on 5 years post op.  And he knows that Bread and I don't do well together. (toasted) is one thing but fresh bread. Well lets just say it doesn't go anywhere once It enters into my stream. So I politely slide it back over to him and tell him he can have my slice, I don't believe I want any today.

Then the waiter comes by to refill the glasses and notices that I don't need a refill on my water glass, and asks "mam" is there something wrong with your drink?  Now I learned after I first had my surgery, that if you don't order a drink it confuses the waiter/waitress.  They just don't understand the concept of you not being able to eat/drink the same time.  So I have to explain, and my son's girlfriend keeps looking at me as to why wasn't I indulging on the appetizers. I did eat (1) french fry and about 2 slices of the blooming onion.  My husband then asks why I wasn't eating.  He knows why he just doesn't get it sometimes. 

So I told him, I'm saving my space for the meal, grilled chicken with fresh steamed vegetables. So when the meal comes and they dig in and finish before I have. I asked the waiter if I could have a box to take the rest home. I will have it for supper.  Yeah Right!!!!! I rarely ever get to eat it for left overs, when my boys see something from a restaruant in the fridge, they know its my left overs and theres enough to give them a taste. So this evening I fooled them, and jumped and grabbed it before they hit the kitchen.  They were devastated. But MOM.... sorry boys.   Well that was my evening. I certainly hope you enjoy your evening with your sweetie.  Happy Pre-Valentines day.  Also here is free code to redbox for you to use on your way to work in the morning.  Pick up a girlie movie for your sweetie, better get it on your way to work, or log on and pre-rent it to be picked up at the redbox use

"bemine"  or here is one that is good today according to some of the boards that I frequent quite often " FEB7MOVIE"

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