Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day After Ground Hog Day

Wondering how you feel about the predictions from the Ground hog not seeing/seeing his/her shadow?   Well I'm all for the furry little (my bestest) friend, If indeed we do have spring right around the corner.  I'm all for it, or I should say I'm ready.  Isn't he cute????

With having lost this weight along comes loosing the insulation with it.  That means I layer, or sit wrapped up, even practically sit on my heater at work. The warmer it is the more I love it. Now there was a time that I literally (hated) shhhh!!! don't tell my boys I used that word...summer time. The heat and I just didn't get along.  I would be so tired, fatigued, not able to move, no energy.

I basically didn't do anything that took great effort.  Now a days I can't say that.  I love to get outside and do things, but lately I have been a little lazy and a lot of that is due to the weather outside. So thats where my friend Phil comes in.. Bring on the spring.  I'm ready.  Now lets plan a trip.

I'm going to bring up a lax subject lately... Have you been journaling even though I haven't been here?  I had to do a little vanishing act.  Sometimes, I just need to have a little disconnect from everyone, and everything to regroup.  You know the feeling. Well I'm back and ready to get going again. 

This week check out the deals that I have picked up.

Tah Tah for now.  Enjoy your evening. The weekend is upon us.  And they are calling for a wintry mix..  I'm sending good vibes to my furry little bestest friend that the wintry mix goes around us and for all of my northern friends, please stay warm and be careful out in these frigid temps.


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