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Portion Size

Lets talk Portion size, what do I mean by that? First of all let me tell you this one is going to be a little lengthy, but stick with me, Its informative. Todays portion size in restaurants. Is this normal or do they try and give you your money's worth? Or do they have an alternative behind the portion size?

Many restaurants today offer different sizes, lets take fast food for instance:  May we supersize that for you for only .49 cents more?  Huh?  Our 1st thoughts would be getting more food for just a few cents more. Right?  Think about it the next time they offer this just how many more calories/fat you would be consuming.

Example: If we ordered a crispy chicken sandwich, fries and a soft drink, this checks in at approximately 1340 calories. Then if we were to visit one of our favorites dine in restaurants, look at the plate proportion that is brought out to you when you have ordered your meal. It's actually enough for 2 people. According to nutrition guides. So why not decide to order 1 plate and share it with your significant other. Or when ordering ask for a to go box and split it off "Before" you start eating. Why do it before you start? Simple, if you don't have it on your plate you won't be tempted to eat it. Think less calories.

One thing I learned when I first had my surgery was when going out to eat at restaurants, #1 my eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach. So with not being able to eat much, my husband would be kind enough to order a simple meal and let me cut a portion of the chicken off for my protein so that I could eat with him. He actually never missed that small amount on his plate.

Portion size is a real important part of our world, Just think about your sizes.  We all could loose a little bit of weight even, and even be more healthy.  Start being aware of the sizes. Here are a few tips I would like to share on portion sizes. Bariatric patient are recommended to eat 6 small meals a day to help regulate our blood sugars, and be able to get in our protein first, vegetables, fruits, grains. Then 30 minutes after the meal start consuming your water.....

When eating out tips:
  • Order 1 meal and split it with your significant other (save money-calories)
  • start chewing your food by each bite (at least 15 times before swallowing)
  • Order water this saves money too, If you need flavor start carrying crystal light packets to give you flavor
  • Skip the desert-or split it. (huge in calorie intake) just looking at it is calories alone... (lol)

Eating at home:
  • Grab your cook books start preparing for healthy meals (your health is important)
  • grab you a mini scale at a department store and start weighing and measuring your proportions
Start Brown bagging your lunches to work/School
  • pack your sandwiches/fruits in reusies not only does it save you money but helps the environment I love these reusies, I just won a set a couple of weeks ago over at my Mammamoiselle's .
Normal sizes according to nutrition guides: Perhaps this will help you a bit. I borrowed this information from Barix clinics store

Foods listed in the "Avoid" column are higher in fat or sugar than recommended. Occasionally choosing a food that is higher in fat will not hinder your weight-loss efforts. Choosing higher fat foods regularly will contribute to a higher calorie intake and may slow your weight loss. Foods with more than 2 grams of added sugar should be avoided—period. If you need a sweet fix, find a no-added-sugar alternative for an occasional treat.
Milk Group
Foods and beverages from this group are generally a good source of protein and calcium. Choose 4–6 small servings each day.
Choose                         Serving Size         AvoidSkim, 1/2%, 1% milk     1/2 cup               Flavored coffee creamer
Low-fat buttermilk         1 /2 cup              Regular yogurt
Sugar-free nonfat yogurt 1/2 cup              Regular ice cream
Low-fat frozen yogurt     1/2 cup             2%, whole milk
(no added sugar)
Low-fat cottage cheese   1/4 cup            Cream
Low-fat cheeses               1/2 oz              Sour Cream Cheese

Meat Group
Foods from this group are generally a very good source of protein. Choose 4–6 ounces of lean meat, fish, or poultry daily. Prepare with limited amounts of fat.
Choose                                     Serving Size                  Avoid
Lean cuts of meat                    2 oz                                 Higher fat cuts of meat with visible fat removed
Baked, broiled, steamed         2 oz                                 Beef brisket fish or shellfish
Poultry, with skin removed    2 oz                                 Ground beef
Eggs or egg substitutes           2 each                             Short ribs
Dried beans and peas               1/2 cup                           Organ meat
Low-fat refried beans              1/2 cup                           Bacon
Low-fat Garden Burgers          2 oz                                Luncheon meat or Veggie Dogs
Lean deli meats                        2 oz                                Peanut butter
Low-fat hot dogs                      2 oz                                Fried meats or bologna Meats with breading
Fruit Group
Foods from this group are generally good sources of vitamins and fiber. Choose whole fruits in place of juice when possible. Choose a good Vitamin C source, such as an orange or grapefruit daily. Choose 2–4 small servings per day.

Choose                                       Serving Size                    Avoid
Fresh fruits                               1/4 cup or 1/2                  small Fruit pie filling
Frozen fruits                             1/4 cup                              Canned fruit in syrup without added sugar
Canned fruits                            1/4 cup                              Juices with packed in water or juice added sugar
Fruit juices                               1/4 cup                              Fruit drinks without added sugar V8 Splash Fruit sorbets
Grain Group
Foods from this group are generally a good source of B-vitamins and fiber. Choose 4–6 small servings per day.

Choose                             Serving Size                     Avoid
Whole grain breads              1/2 slice                           Croissants
Light or Less breads             1 slice                              Butter rolls
English muffins                     1/4                                    Biscuits
Saltine crackers                    4 each                               Pancakes
Breadsticks                           1/2 oz                                Theater popcorn
Rice                                       1/4 cup                              Regular microwave popcorn
Pasta                                      1/4 cup                              Donuts
Cereal with                            1/4 cup                              Danish low sugar content
Hamburger bun                     1/4                                      Muffins
Flour or corn tortilla            1 small                               Granola
Light microwave popcorn    1 cup                                  Sweetened cereals
Pretzels                                  1/2 oz                                Fruit breads

Vegetable Group

Foods from this group are generally rich in vitamins and fiber. Choose a dark green leafy and yellow or orange vegetable three times each week for Vitamin A. Choose 3–5 small servings daily

Choose                                    Serving Size                  Avoid

Fresh vegetables                   1/4 cup                            Vegetables prepared with butter, cheese or sauce
Frozen vegetables                 1/4 cup                            without added sugars
Canned vegetables                1/4 cup                            Vegetable juices without added sugars with added sugars
Raw, leafy greens                 1/2 cup                             Canned or frozen vegetables with added sugars

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  1. That's a lot of calories! I eat fairly small portions and I've started doing Zumba twice a week. A good hour of Zumba burns 1,000 calories.
    ~ Carol