Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kickin' It up!

Under my feet that is.... Good morning everyone. I've missed our chats. I'm on vacation this week and I'm making progress towards several goals that I have made for myself this week. Look forward to completing some of them. Here's my list

  • cleaning house-yuck... this is the worst, so I'm starting with it 1st and doing a room at a time
  • cleaning out my coupons-organizing them
  • organizing my stock pile to see what is running low so that I can make a list of what needs to be restocked
  • Listening to music to motivate me to move more.... How many do this one? 
  • Updating my blog so that I can perhaps motivate some of my friends to kick it up with me
  • Making lists to start checking off so that I can start using my time more wisely, if its on paper I'm thinking it might help me get more things accomplished.  "so I read in some time management material"
  • Then there is dragging the sewing machine out of storage..getting rid of the dust bunnies and preparing it for travel...
  • Yes later this week I'm planning a road trip "by myself" so you see I have to get to kickin it up....
  • Laundry 
  • Defrosting the freezer...So that I can have more room for frozen deals... any good suggestions on keeping a freezer from frosting up so fast.. One good suggestion I have for others is when purchasing a freezer, MAKE SURE ITS FROST FREE ....
  • Walking... Walking.... Walking...
  • download some new motivating music on my mp3 player--What do you listen too?  I would love some new suggestions on this. Or perhaps a website to visit that gives a breakdown on motivational music
  •  Then theres updating my next segment on our Gastric bypass series
Whew... think thats enough, this is making me a little dizzy just typing it up.... Going around in circles on which one to take on first.... I also had a friend share with me how to write up articles and schedule them for posting, How awesome is that?  To me that's great news. I have a few articles already written and I'm working on the schedule thing. Getting it lined up. I'll go for now so I can get started. Thank you for visiting and look forward to hearing from you soon.. Also when you get a chance visit me on facebook.

Tah Tah for now