Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Alternative to water!!!!!

Thought I would check in this evening, How is everyone doing?  I'm doing well, Thank you. Got to thinking today, yes I know, Please don't think.......thats also what I was thinking this afternoon when I was trying to get my new iphone to sync.... Gadgets!!!  hard to figure them out but hard to live without them. Ha.... !! Back to why I was checking in,  I sometimes struggle as many of you do to get my water in and I know that I've touched base on this quite often, but folks its a very important part of everyday life to get in the necessary amounts of water that our bodies need.  Sometimes, I don't get it in myself. However, I do try. And thats why I've decided to touch base again this evening.

I just found a Coupon this evening for some crystal light. Yes you can add this to your water, or sugar free hawaii punch flavors to your water.  This will get you to drinking your water and give you a treat as well.  So there you have an alternative to water.... What do you think?  I thought you might enjoy this.  Just a reminder.....Oh I think I'll go grab a bottle of water from the fridge......

Guess tomorrow is hump day.  We'll be getting ready to go on the down side of the week. Gearing up for Saturday..Woo Hoo. We just live for the weekends don't we. 

I'll go for now, I certainly hope you enjoy the rest of your evening.

Tah Tah for now....
Love you guys, and thank you again so much for following me.


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