Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First Steps to Procedure Part 2

As we gather again to discuss the First procedure Roux-en-Y, I must advise that these are only my opinions and how I researched and made my decision for the procedure that I chose.

 This is one of the more popular procedures, In this procedure, a new gastric pouch is created at the bottom of your esophagus, using about five percent of your stomach and sealing off the rest. The pouch is then connected to your small intestine.

Your stomach will still make important digestive juices that will mix in your intestine with food from your new, egg-sized stomach. In this way, you will still be able to receive the nutrients you need from food -- but your brain will get signals of fullness much faster, and the amount of food you can consume will become smaller.

This procedure is also performed laparoscopically over 95 percent of the time.

Here is a Gastric Bypass Video that will show you how the above procedure is performed.

What To Expect After Surgery
Most people can return to their normal activities in 3 to 5 weeks.
After surgery, you have to be prepared to make big, new eating habits in how you eat:
  • You can eat only a few ounces of food at a time. Your new stomach will only hold a tiny amount of food.
  • You must eat very slowly and chew your food to mush, It was recommended to me that I chew each bite at least 15 times, yes count them. You will be surprised at how long it actually takes you to chew it up.  And this is good. Even if you haven't had this surgery, this is a good rule of thumb.  Otherwise, you may vomit often and have pain.
  • You won't be able to drink for 30 minutes before you eat, during your meal, and for 30 minutes after you eat.  I've mentioned this before and the importance of it. There won't be room in your stomach for both drinks and solid food.
  • You probably will need to take vitamins and supplements. This is something that your doctor will advise you on. Everyone is different.  When I first had this surgery I had to crush up my pills or split them so that I could actually swallow them. 
  • You may have to avoid foods that contain simple sugars-like candy, juices, ice cream, condiments, and soft drinks. Simple sugars may cause a problem called dumping syndrome. This happens because food moves too quickly through the stomach and intestines. It can cause shaking, sweating, dizziness rapid heart rate, and often severe diarrhea.

How Well It Works:

It has been found during my research that most people who have had gastric bypass surgery quickly begin to lose weight and continue to lose weight for up to 12 months. One study noted that people lost about one-third of their excess weight (the weight above what is considered healthy) in 1 to 4 years. Some of the lost weight may be regained.

I lost most of my weight within 9months and have maintained it.  Until I became complacent, I then lost focus and have gained 30 lbs during the last year. But I have grabbed it and I'm down 12 lbs by getting ahold of it and getting back to the basics. I started the 5 day pouch test again, this has helped me tremendously and have began to exercise daily.  It's so important to stay on top of things, Just because I got a little distracted isn't an excuse.... I have to hold myself accountable. My health depends on it.
The laparoscopic approach showed similar results, with 69% to 82% of excess weight lost over 12 to 54 months.


Their are risks common to all surgeries for weight loss include an infection in the incision, a leak from the stomach into the abdominal cavity or where the intestine is connected (resulting in an infection called peritonitis), and a blood clot in the lung (pulonary embolish). About one-third of all people having surgery for obesity develop gallstones or a nutritional deficiency condition such as anemia or osteoporosis.  To prevent this my doctor suggested that I have lab work completed every 6 months, and take the calcium citrate to help with the osteoporosis.

Fewer than 10 out of 1000 people die after weight-loss surgery. I really researched the statistics on this one.

These are some of the risks that I found that "could" happen After a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, once again, depends on each individual.
  • An iron and vitamin B12 deficiency occurs more than 30% of the time. About 50% of those with an iron deficiency develop anemia.** I have the B12 deficiency this is one of the reasons for my lab work.**
  • The connection between the stomach and the intestines narrows (stomal stenosis) 5% to 15% of the time, leading to nausea and vomiting after eating.
  • Ulcers develop 5% to 15% of the time.
  • The staples may pull loose.
  • Hernia may develop.
  • The bypassed stomach may enlarge, resulting in hiccups and bloating.  Hiccups have been a favorite of mine, especially when I don't chew my food good.  I have also found that I have hiccups when eating fresh bread, mostly rolls from Logans. Needless to say, I stay away from them. If we go, I will "pinch" a piece off just for the taste, and I mean a pinch. Because if I eat a larger piece, it gets stuck, or in other words feels like I'm choking and it will not stay down. And I get to do a mystery shop on how clean their restrooms are. 
Here are a few things to think about:

Gastric bypass surgery may increase your chances of living longer. Some studies show that people who have had weight-loss surgery have a smaller chance of dying of heart problems, diabetes or cancer.

In a gastric bypass, the part of the intestine where many minerals and vitamins are most easily absorbed is bypassed. Because of this, you may have a deficiency in iron, calcium, magnesium, or vitamins. This can lead to long-term problems, such as osteoporosis. To prevent vitamin and mineral deficiencies, you may need to work with a dietitian to plan meals, and you may need to take extra vitamin B12 as pills, shots, or nasal spray. **I currently take the B12 pills once a week and give myself 1 B12 injection once a month**

There is also a possibility that you may develop gallstones after gastric bypass. Sometimes the  gallbladder is removed as part of the surgery. But if your gallbladder is not removed, then you may need to take medicine to prevent gallstones. I have found that with my gallbladder that if I eat broccoli and cauliflower that I have extreme difficulties.  These are a couple of my most favorite veggies. I have tried eating them raw and steamed, either way they just do not like my new system. So when I eat them I have a pepcid tablet.

Advantage of the laparoscopic approach to surgery for obesity suggest that it reduces recovery time and postsurgery complications.

I hope that you will find some good information from this that will help you. I'll come back again and we'll discuss the next procedure Gastric Banding.

tah tah for now.

enjoy your day

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!!!

This weekend I was awarded the Stylish Blogger award  by Style ' n Decor Deals and They Say Im Nuts. Thank you for making my day!

If you are named a stylish blogger, there are four things you are asked to do.

1.  Thank and link back to Style 'n Decor dealsThey say Im Nuts the person/persons who awarded you this award.  THANK YOU Ms. Nancy over at Style ' Decor deals.  :) and Ms Lenore over at They say Im nuts....:)

2.  Share 7 things about yourself.

I love sharing time with my family......  I love helping the elderly especially veterans.....  Love to search/surf for coupons and reading new blogs.....I enjoy sharing with others my bariatric journey so that I may be of support as others were to me. (paying it forward).....I enjoy going to different craft shows and making different craft items..... I love being a DIY and coupon DIVA.

3.  Then award 15 blogs that you follow: Congratulations to the ones that I have chosen..

4.  Contact the bloggers and let them know about their reward!
**If you make someone's list twice then you are twice as stylish!! Now go and encourage a blogger!!

 Have a wonderful and Blessed Day, and May the bloggers that you choose enjoy the award as much as I did.
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

First steps before Procedure Part1

The year was fall of 2002, my thoughts had changed somewhat from a normal attitude of "I'm going on a diet", why?  After struggling since 1990 with weight issues, I decided that with trying to loose weight on my own, I wasn't getting anywhere, so I began to research on the internet.  I spent as much time as I could researching on the internet when I wasn't sleeping researching one procedure after another one. Was I a candidate, did I meet the criteria. Didn't take long to discover there were a few different procedures available. But which one did I feel was the correct one to go with? The differences varied, as to the safety, health risks, success, the pro's and cons, statistics, as well as the Dr's qualified to perform etc. The tips that I will be sharing are just my opinions and different avenues that I researched.

 It is very important for you to carefully consider all surgical options and a complete evaluation will be completed before surgery to make sure surgery is right for you.

Do I qualify?

To qualify for insurance coverage for weight loss surgery, you must have either:
  • A body mass index greater than or equal to 40
  • Body mass index between 35 and 39 and at least one major medical co-morbidity, such as respiratory problems, diabetes, or hypertension.

BMI Categories
  • Underweight = under 18.5
  • Normal weight = 18.5 - 24.9
  • Overweight = 25 - 29.9
  • Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater
 I met all of the above, my medical history consisted of high blood pressure, severe asthma, pre-diabetic, and edema. I was on 7 different medications.  Let alone, I was extremely tired and felt that I needed to eat all the time to keep my strength up. All I wanted to do was sleep after I would get home from work. I was depressed, felt detached from socialization. Other than the contact I had with my co-workers and immediate family. I was ashamed to go any where.

I found that being obese, people treat you differently.  Some are just mean.  That is our society today.  And it is getting worse.  A little background on my family history. Obesity runs in my family. My grandmother and 4 of her sisters, my mother and my oldest sister were always overweight. I really didn't have any severe weight issues until I was older. I will come back and we will begin on the different procedures. We'll start with Roux-en-Y (billing code CPT 43644 ). There is a lot of information and I will help with all that I can.

I have borrowed this information above from

Tah Tah for Now
have a wonderful evening and Good monday. Yeah Its Springtime, so go out and play in the yard...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

She said YES!!!!

As Chad Brock's song goes "she said yes! i said wow! she said when. i said how about right now."  well the exciting News has been announced.  Cody (my youngest son) proposed to his girlfriend Dani (danielle) while on a cruise to Mexico.  And she said "Yes".  So with that being said,  Welcome future Daughter-n-law, Welcome.  I look forward to growing closer to Ms. Dani. she is a lovely young lady and Cody loves her.

I had been kinda suspecting that they were getting closer. As the nancy drew (ND) my dad would call me, began observing... However, you know us mom's sometimes have too keep our mouths shut... Nun ya... as they boys would tell me If I would get to asking too many questions.  Most of the time that didn't stop me. With them being adults now. I've tried to back off.

My mother always told me to go with your gut feeling. So I did this time and remained mum. The day before the cruise I had asked my son, if he was excited, he said yes. Then he proceeded to tell me that he had something for Dani, "oh really" what did you get her. (that was my opportunity you know), he asked did I want to see.  Of course I do... and turn down that bit of information for a sluth????

He went out to his vehicle and then returned, handed me a box and of course I knew before I opened it what it was. When I opened it up, it was beautiful, just like the young lady that was about to receive it. I looked at him and he had tears in his eyes.  I asked him "do you love her" he said yes.  I told him that I was so happy for the two of them.  He said mom "I just didn't know how to tell you"  I said son, just come out and spill it... I'm here for you. Thats what moms are for.... here for support, I asked him how many times did your dad and I pick you up when you stumbled?  He asked me if I would tell his Dad. I told him I would. So I did.... 

So I'm excited to be gaining a future daughter-n-law, I had always wanted a daughter to spoil, now I will have one.  I will post later as I'm "provided" details, but for now,  she needs to finish college and that won't be long, get her a good job and the two of them can bank their money, then I can teach her about Cupin's as Ron white the comedian calls them. 

Congratulations Cody & Dani

Tah Tah for now
Enjoy the beautiful day...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patricks Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Luck of the Irish to you my Friends or Perhaps Top of the Morn' To you. Depends on when you are reading my post. This is one of my favorite holidays, I used to always look forward to finding lucky 4 leaf clovers. Sit me in a field of clovers (instead of daisies) Yes I love my daisies but I'll pick clovers over them any day. I can sit for hours and look for the lucky ones.  Or let me walk by a patch of clovers you will find me looking for them, As I'm good a looking down and one be standing there saying "here I am pick me"  I've always kept them when I have found them, placing them in a special hard back book. My family would always be amazed at me finding the lucky 4 leaves that they would expect me to locate them one when they needed extra luck in an event.

They've been know to be on the baseball field in a ball glove, or in a hat on a golf course or in a boat while fishing, Even in a tree stand...

How will you spend today? Celebrating with friends, laughing, living, feeling a bit lucky. This is such a fun holiday. Make the most of it. Many will go to their special places today and have a "green beer". I have a few friends that enjoy meeting and having a finger sandwiches, drinking a bit.  Trying to find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

***Here are a few reminders If you decide to go out with friends.***

 Just remember to eat in moderation.
  Proportion your food out.
Share a meal.
Don't over eat.
 Chew your bites 15 times before swallowing
and don't drink 30 minutes before or after your meal. 
 Journal, Journal, Journal.

Even though you are out and about you can still keep track of what you are intaking.
and remember to get in your exercise and I don't mean lifting the cup or fork, this isn't the kind I'm referring to, I used to have a friend that she would tell me she exercised her hands today... (LOL)   

Bring on the Leprechauns,  I'm wearing me Green today, so you can't pinch me.

Tah Tah for Now.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Beginning to Exercise...

After I had woke up and was in recoverery from my surgery, I had a different outlook on life.  You know the kind that you have on New Years Eve.. When you are going to issue a new years resolution... I wake up and I am not feeling anything... I'm thinking I'm in a new world of my own. No wait, Others before and after me have been there and doing what I'm about to begin.  So what is my next step.  Scared, what If I fail? What if, what if, what if???  these are all questions that I'm sure that everyone is wondering. First of all, I'm tough. I have always been one to not ever ask for help, To do things on my own. So what was I thinking when I told my boss that I would be back to work the week that I had the surgery, that I would only need a few days off?

Well my friends, it doesn't work that way. I actually got up, got my self dressed, ready and out the door. To walk in the door of work and meet my boss and tell her, I can't do this.. I need a few more days, It was then that I discovered that I did need a little help to get myself pulled together and get back on track to a better life, a new beginning. First of all, I hadn't exercised in years because I hadn't had the strength, I was always too tired or depressed.  But the day after I had surgery I felt like I was on top of the world, though I was weak from not eating/drinking what I was used to, I was beginning to get an energy that I had forgotten that I ever had. Well maybe I had it when I was in high school or even after I first got married.  I felt like exercising, but where did I need to start? 

My Dr. told me up front, take a few steps at a time, do a few more every day.  Push yourself a little but do some form of exercise.  Walk out to the mailbox, walk the dog, park a few more steps away from your destination, take the steps instead of the elevator, walk the walk, then talk the talk...... Yes I was taking on a form of exercise by walking to begin with, then I acquired a 3 wheeled bicycle that was my mom's, My husband bought himself a bicycle then we began to walk the green way. I would tell him I couldn't go any farther, he'd say, "yes you can" come on... he knew my limits at this time better than I did.  And eventually I could get through the entire 3 miles of greenway... Yeah for me,,  I began to exercise slowing and met my goal. 

Then I was about 8 lbs away from my goal and what was I thinking? I didn't need to exercise.  wrong, we need to continue this routine for the rest of my life.  Get moving... We can do this a few steps at a time..  I slacked off, but I'm back at it again. I've put on 30 lbs, and I'm back on track of loosing it, eating, drinking,exercising. So far I've dropped 5 lbs. At least its on the down side and not the other side.  I have began to walk again and I'm holding myself accountable by documenting my daily eats in my journey as I hope you are continuing to do. I'm drinking my water, taking my vitamins, and getting in my exercise. May it not be some days what I want it to be. But I'm moving.... So If can do it, you can too and know that I'm here for support if you need me..... We can do this together....

tah Tah for Now.
Love Always,
your friend

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dear Lord I Pray!!!!

that you will guide and watch over The family, many, many friends, acquantanices that our Dear Ms. Ann went above and beyond to touch the lives of. 


Ann Honeycutt..

Florence Nightingale

The "Nightingale Pledge"

The Nightingale Pledge was composed by Lystra Gretter, an instructor of nursing at the old Harper Hospital in Detroit, Michigan, and was first used by its graduating class in the spring of 1893. It is an adaptation of the Hippocratic Oath taken by physicians.

I solemnly pledge myself before God and in the presence of this assembly, to pass my life in purity and to practice my profession faithfully. I will abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous, and will not take or knowingly administer any harmful drug. I will do all in my power to maintain and elevate the standard of my profession, and will hold in confidence all personal matters committed to my keeping and all family affairs coming to my knowledge in the practice of my calling. With loyalty will I endeavor to aid the physician, in his work, and devote myself to the welfare of those committed to my care.
****Our Lord has gained a wonderful Angel. That the ones she left behind will be here to carry on. This lady was a Nurse and extraordinare caregiver in which she took the oath to help, all in need.  She was always going above and beyond her duties, to make sure that everyone was provided for.  Having been sick for a while there were lots of days, you would have never known it. As she carried herself to serve those that needed the care.  While my mother was a resident at the facility in which this beautiful lady worked and cared for others at. I had the honor of meeting her.  I walked into my mothers room one early afternoon as Mom had told me that I needed to meet one of the finest nurses that she had been associated with.  When I walked in that afternoon Ms. Ann happened to be there and she was full of energy, a real go getter. We talked and it was then my mother provided the information that she and this lady went to Fort Knox nursing school together and the times that they had, had together.  Mom had a lot of admiration for this lady and that when the CNA's were called they didn't miss a beat in getting there to help Ms. Ann with anything that was needed of them. Yes she could crack a whip when she needed to, but this was a part of her teaching, and caring methods. This Nurse was an inspiration to others, always there for everyone.  Whether it was passing out meds, to lend a ear or even sneaking a diabetic a good piece of candy every now and then. Yes Ms. Ann, mom told me you took care of her sweet tooth. She will be sadly missed by all that has ever been a part of her life, and learning experiences. a lady that no doubt our Lord will be treating the same way that she treated others.  Her seeds were well sown.  Thank you Ms. Ann for all of the treasures, lifes lessons, friendship and all that you gave to us..... We will forever remember you. Until we meet again.... As quoted from one of her friends..... "Enjoy your retirement"... you have earned your wings... rest in Peace.... we love you....****

Tah Tah for now, Until we meet again...
take care of my loved ones...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Taking photos

How are you with taking before and after photos of yourself???? Well I can say that when I was large and thought I was in charge. I didn't like for anyone to take any photos of me.  Well recently I found one that I didn't even remember being taken.  Wow I didn't realize how obese I was.  I am so grateful for the surgeon that performed my surgery and gave me the tool to become the size that I am today. I am grateful for the insurance company that I have that they paid for it. I will show you a picture but I must include this warning.  Not for the faint at heart.....

you may view the new me below at 147 lbs lighter,

By both the Insurance company and Dr. giving me another opportunity to get my health back together I have began to let people take pictures of me, No I'm still not comfortable with it. But I realize now that I should have at least taken more for my boys.  With that being said, I have ran across a really good deal to make a photo album and thought I would pass it along to my friends.   Canvas People is a reputable company I have used them before when putting together an album for my boys.  Here are the details in how to do it.

 Share this with your friends especially with St. Patricks day and Easter right around the corner. Get a family canvas with family memories on it! The Canvas People will give you a free 8x10 photo canvas or $50 credit toward a bigger photo canvas. The way it works is like this:
1) Choose and upload the photo you would like printed
2) Choose what size. (8x10 is free + shipping/handling, or choose larger size and get a $50 discount)
3) Chose any "extras" (framing, etc.)
5) Enter shipping information
6) Pay the $14.95 shipping/handling (this is still a GREAT deal for one of these)
These photo canvases make great christmas, birthday, anniversary, and graduation gifts as well.

Please let me know if you get a canvas for your family memory I would love to see.

tah tah for now

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Caring Place needs Help Restocking Pantry!

Good morning My Coupon Diva Friends,
I just read where The-Caring-Place is needing help in restocking their pantry.  When out and about picking up your non-perishable food items, if you can pick up an additional few and drop them off.  The drive will be held through March 14,2011. All food donations can be dropped off in the parking lot at Cooke's food store during designated hours.

7:3-8:30 am
11:00 am to 1:00 Pm    4:30 Pm-6:00 Pm
Saturday from 9:00 am to noon
Sunday 1:00-4:00 Pm
there will also be drop off barrels located at Bender Realty, Cafe Roma and Deli Boys in Cleveland.

Ms. Terry, does an excellent job with this organization. I would love to help her get her shelves stocked back.

thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Helping others to help others is a wonderful feeling..

Tah Tah for Now

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Craving Sweets!!!

Since I last posted, I decided against the peanut butter cookies, I chose a peanut butter and banana smoothie, with a scoop of  Zero-Carb-Isopure protein powder. That was a better choice. However, today as I'm sitting here blogging and sipping on my smoothie. I thought what would my mother in law like to have since she is currently in the nursing home. We always try and take her something different when possible.

And since it needs to be sugar free, a must and also a good one for us to eat. As I can't tolerate the sugar as well.  I decided on Sugar free angel food cake with cool whip and strawberries.  Wise choice.....

Simple, yet sugarfree, except for the strawberries.  I made it and it needs to sit overnight or at least for several hours, that way the juice from the strawberries can soak through the angel food cake.  Yummy...

Next time you have a craving for sweets, give it a try.  All you need are 3 ingredients.
(1) sugar free angel food cake
(2) 1 container of sugar free cool whip
(2) 1 container of fresh strawberries.

Wash the strawberries, cap and slice them, sit aside.
Then take your angel food cake and break it up into pieces and put a layer in the bottom of a bowl
followed with a layer of strawberries, then a layer of cool whip. Do this again, making sure to end up with the cool whip on top. then take and round a layer of strawberries on the top and Wa---la-----

 Sugar Free Strawberry Angel Food cake.

Hope you enjoy,
Tah Tah for Now....

Friday, March 4, 2011

Their Calling my Name!!!!

Wow!!! That Paula Deen, She's a trip with that butter.  Now she's up to peanut butter cookies. A woman out to get me going with the Sugar Free cookies. Now that is one weakness that I have is PB cookies.  Oh I just had to share this recipe.  We've made it through another week and I think we should celebrate...... Don't you.... Or is it too early????

My son left out this morning on his vacation trip, Oh how I wish I could have gone with him, I'm so ready for a vacation, in time honey, in time.... I have one scheduled for April, its just I'm ready to go now.  But I'll make do with my cookies.  Been a long week to me.. Glad its friday.  Do you  have any plans? 

I do,,, I'm starting my weekend out with saturday morning doing N-O-T-H-I-N-G.....  that spells nothing... Yes I'm not planning on doing anything, but hanging out at home. Weatherman is calling for rain all weekend. And so I thought I would do some soul searching, some internet surfing and some catching up on my coupons. Plotting my deals out for the upcoming sunday...

I've been a little lazy with my journaling this week, but come Monday, its a new game.  I'm starting out at 6am with spin class.  That will be kicking my butt.  I haven't done that in a while and I love it.  Just wish me luck that I make it through without killing over.  You know after all I am a member of the red hat society.... (lol). Please come along with me as I start another week in the life of my journey... and we'll travel it together. I love having support...

Peanut Butter Cookies

Servings: 18 cookies
Prep Time: 20 min
Cook Time: 12 min
Difficulty: Easy

Ingredients Add to grocery list

1   egg
1 cup sugar, or 1 1/3 cup sugar replacement (recommended: Splenda)
1 cup peanut butter, creamy or crunchy
1 teaspoon vanilla extract


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.  Grease a large baking sheet.
In a mixing bowl, combine the peanut butter, 1 cup equivalent of the Splenda, the egg, and vanilla, and stir well with a spoon.  Roll the dough into balls the size of walnuts.  Place the balls on the prepared baking sheet.  With a fork, dipped in Splenda to prevent sticking, press a crisscross design on each cookie.  Bake for 12 minutes, remove from the oven, and sprinkle the cookies with some of the remaining Splenda. Cool slightly before removing from pan

Tah Tah for Now.... Please enjoy the cookies, compliments of :::: Ms. Deen


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Strong is the New Skinny!!!

Good morning,
As I was surfing through my facebook page this morning, I ran across one of my friends pages, Appetite for Health.  I recently joined their blog and friended their page on facebook to get the latest postings and have found lots of valuable information from it. They also had a Quaker Oatmeal giveaway recently in which I won... Yes folks you can win too. You just have to enter the giveaways.

The Promoters such as Quaker love to give products to be given away. I obtained my t-shirt that I gave away recently from Crazy Dog T-shirts.  I also signed up to get a free book.  I was able to get a good book to read, relax and  then write a review on it. If you are interested here is the address, you can sign up too. (Blogging For Books) Once you complete the book its yours, to do with what you want, Thought I would donate it to the library or even take it to the nursing home. 

Okay back to the Appetite For Health blog.  The reason for the above title, Is exactly what it is.
Strong is the new Skinny... Well folks if you've been following me, you know my status, Its important since having my bariatric surgery that I maintain my eating habits, and exercise. My bones could become very brittle do I choose not to follow my new lifestyles regimen, Vitamins, exercise. etc.  Yes I would love to look like the celebrities, but my friends, this body isn't going to get back there.  I love being able to find information such as the following quote from Appetite. 

Let’s all start to embrace what is God-given
and make the most of our assets. There’s
always going to be someone richer, thinner,
 blonder and smarter, so stop comparing
yourself to others and begin to take stock in yours truly.
  A little bit of muscle can  do a lot to lift sagging self-confidence.

Thought this was fit as to how I was feeling today.. I sometimes get frustrated where I had packed on a few pounds.  I am working on getting these back off. One step at a time, Yes taking walks, doing a few squats while waiting for the fax to go through or for the printer to complete. Every few moves helps. So get going, we may not be able to obtain a celebrity body, but we can sure give it our best shot, make ourselves feel good. And hold our heads high. We are worth it.  Now look yourself in the mirror and say the following.....  " I am Beautiful"  and " I am worth it".......and "I can be good to myself today"   Well.... How do you feel now.  Much better huh!... I know I do.. I"ve got to go now the alarms going off which means time for me to start my BEAUTIFUL.... day...

So your ready to go for the day... Put your best foot forward and know you are worth it......
Love you Always...

Tah Tah for Now!!