Monday, September 18, 2017

Checking the TaTas and more

GMA did a segment on the new at home test for breast cancer.  I had this test completed and awaiting results.  This was a simple test (just spit saliva in a plastic tube-painless) this test was prompted due to Tammy having ovarian cancer.

My family/friends please go the extra mile to have yourself checked out!!  My grandmother had cancer several of her siblings had cancer.  My mother didn't and I thank goodness. However my dad did.

Since I've been having mammograms, when I would provide history and the high risk on my grandmothers side the Dr's would say that's not close enough relation.  Well now in my opinion for what it's worth, I believe that to be different.  Especially with today's technology.

The different tests that are available for us to do.  No, It doesn't say we will develop cancer, it will screen for the possible gene, pick up a detection if there is any.  The doctors can focus on those areas when future exams, tests come up.  Try to be proactive when it comes to reference to any detected possibilities.  This test not only checks for ovarian, breast cancer it checks other areas as well.

After my changing of Dr's this year and a tumor being found, sent to an oncologist with surgery being performed a couple more tumors being found during surgery, the tumors were benign.

What If?????   I hadn't decided to go with my gut feeling, seek out a different Dr, that took my concerns seriously, especially when advising them of the loss of my sister????

Family/Friends, please...I wouldn't want anyone to have to go through the loss of a loved one especially to this nasty disease.  After Tammy passed Lil Sister, began researching for genetic testing.  However before we could have it done.  Tammy's daughter would have to have it completed then we could proceed.  Upon my follow up to the oncologist the family practitioner suggested that I talk with my gynecologist when I go for my next years exam.

Lil sister was able to get paperwork sent to my niece and she has had the test performed. I took it upon myself to go ahead and have it done this year since I had already met my deductibles, etc.

I bring this to your attention because I care deeply about everyone, and want you to know there are tests available.  Men this goes for you as well.  Mention to your Dr's when you go in for your exams, or call them and ask about it.  Some offices don't perform the test. you will have to check with them. I'm currently awaiting my results, I found out friday they are in, just need to have the Dr. read them and then contact me.  I'll keep you posted as to the results, either way.  Good, Bad or Ugly.

However, you know.....I know someone that has this....God has really been good to me, especially this year,,, he has carried me when I wasn't able to carry myself, think for myself, do for myself.... My current therapy is Crafting if you haven't noticed.  I'm not working so I"m taking full advantage of the blessings I've been given....

TaTa for now...

I love each and everyone of you