Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patricks Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Luck of the Irish to you my Friends or Perhaps Top of the Morn' To you. Depends on when you are reading my post. This is one of my favorite holidays, I used to always look forward to finding lucky 4 leaf clovers. Sit me in a field of clovers (instead of daisies) Yes I love my daisies but I'll pick clovers over them any day. I can sit for hours and look for the lucky ones.  Or let me walk by a patch of clovers you will find me looking for them, As I'm good a looking down and one be standing there saying "here I am pick me"  I've always kept them when I have found them, placing them in a special hard back book. My family would always be amazed at me finding the lucky 4 leaves that they would expect me to locate them one when they needed extra luck in an event.

They've been know to be on the baseball field in a ball glove, or in a hat on a golf course or in a boat while fishing, Even in a tree stand...

How will you spend today? Celebrating with friends, laughing, living, feeling a bit lucky. This is such a fun holiday. Make the most of it. Many will go to their special places today and have a "green beer". I have a few friends that enjoy meeting and having a finger sandwiches, drinking a bit.  Trying to find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

***Here are a few reminders If you decide to go out with friends.***

 Just remember to eat in moderation.
  Proportion your food out.
Share a meal.
Don't over eat.
 Chew your bites 15 times before swallowing
and don't drink 30 minutes before or after your meal. 
 Journal, Journal, Journal.

Even though you are out and about you can still keep track of what you are intaking.
and remember to get in your exercise and I don't mean lifting the cup or fork, this isn't the kind I'm referring to, I used to have a friend that she would tell me she exercised her hands today... (LOL)   

Bring on the Leprechauns,  I'm wearing me Green today, so you can't pinch me.

Tah Tah for Now.


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