Thursday, March 3, 2011

Strong is the New Skinny!!!

Good morning,
As I was surfing through my facebook page this morning, I ran across one of my friends pages, Appetite for Health.  I recently joined their blog and friended their page on facebook to get the latest postings and have found lots of valuable information from it. They also had a Quaker Oatmeal giveaway recently in which I won... Yes folks you can win too. You just have to enter the giveaways.

The Promoters such as Quaker love to give products to be given away. I obtained my t-shirt that I gave away recently from Crazy Dog T-shirts.  I also signed up to get a free book.  I was able to get a good book to read, relax and  then write a review on it. If you are interested here is the address, you can sign up too. (Blogging For Books) Once you complete the book its yours, to do with what you want, Thought I would donate it to the library or even take it to the nursing home. 

Okay back to the Appetite For Health blog.  The reason for the above title, Is exactly what it is.
Strong is the new Skinny... Well folks if you've been following me, you know my status, Its important since having my bariatric surgery that I maintain my eating habits, and exercise. My bones could become very brittle do I choose not to follow my new lifestyles regimen, Vitamins, exercise. etc.  Yes I would love to look like the celebrities, but my friends, this body isn't going to get back there.  I love being able to find information such as the following quote from Appetite. 

Let’s all start to embrace what is God-given
and make the most of our assets. There’s
always going to be someone richer, thinner,
 blonder and smarter, so stop comparing
yourself to others and begin to take stock in yours truly.
  A little bit of muscle can  do a lot to lift sagging self-confidence.

Thought this was fit as to how I was feeling today.. I sometimes get frustrated where I had packed on a few pounds.  I am working on getting these back off. One step at a time, Yes taking walks, doing a few squats while waiting for the fax to go through or for the printer to complete. Every few moves helps. So get going, we may not be able to obtain a celebrity body, but we can sure give it our best shot, make ourselves feel good. And hold our heads high. We are worth it.  Now look yourself in the mirror and say the following.....  " I am Beautiful"  and " I am worth it".......and "I can be good to myself today"   Well.... How do you feel now.  Much better huh!... I know I do.. I"ve got to go now the alarms going off which means time for me to start my BEAUTIFUL.... day...

So your ready to go for the day... Put your best foot forward and know you are worth it......
Love you Always...

Tah Tah for Now!!

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