Saturday, March 19, 2011

She said YES!!!!

As Chad Brock's song goes "she said yes! i said wow! she said when. i said how about right now."  well the exciting News has been announced.  Cody (my youngest son) proposed to his girlfriend Dani (danielle) while on a cruise to Mexico.  And she said "Yes".  So with that being said,  Welcome future Daughter-n-law, Welcome.  I look forward to growing closer to Ms. Dani. she is a lovely young lady and Cody loves her.

I had been kinda suspecting that they were getting closer. As the nancy drew (ND) my dad would call me, began observing... However, you know us mom's sometimes have too keep our mouths shut... Nun ya... as they boys would tell me If I would get to asking too many questions.  Most of the time that didn't stop me. With them being adults now. I've tried to back off.

My mother always told me to go with your gut feeling. So I did this time and remained mum. The day before the cruise I had asked my son, if he was excited, he said yes. Then he proceeded to tell me that he had something for Dani, "oh really" what did you get her. (that was my opportunity you know), he asked did I want to see.  Of course I do... and turn down that bit of information for a sluth????

He went out to his vehicle and then returned, handed me a box and of course I knew before I opened it what it was. When I opened it up, it was beautiful, just like the young lady that was about to receive it. I looked at him and he had tears in his eyes.  I asked him "do you love her" he said yes.  I told him that I was so happy for the two of them.  He said mom "I just didn't know how to tell you"  I said son, just come out and spill it... I'm here for you. Thats what moms are for.... here for support, I asked him how many times did your dad and I pick you up when you stumbled?  He asked me if I would tell his Dad. I told him I would. So I did.... 

So I'm excited to be gaining a future daughter-n-law, I had always wanted a daughter to spoil, now I will have one.  I will post later as I'm "provided" details, but for now,  she needs to finish college and that won't be long, get her a good job and the two of them can bank their money, then I can teach her about Cupin's as Ron white the comedian calls them. 

Congratulations Cody & Dani

Tah Tah for now
Enjoy the beautiful day...