Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Importance of supplements

How are you at taking supplements?  Have you always taken them?  Do you take them because you want to be healthy or because its a In thing? Or do you take them because your new lifestyle requires them?  I do the later... Why, because my bodies system has been re-routed due to the gastric bypass procedure I chose to have done.

This is now a mandatory requirement of mine.  I do have issues with taking my vitamin supplements.  I have never been a person to take medicine, drugs etc.  Only because I have to I do it.  Never having the discipline to take meds or supplements on a regular basis has been a challenge for me. 

So how do I make sure this takes place?  Well you know the office programs on your computer that has a calendar in it? I have mine set up for an entire year to pop up EVERY day to remind me to take my vitamins.  And you know its funny but it works for me.  I stop what I'm doing and take them.

At first I didn't know the importance of taking them until I started getting my lab work completed every 6 months and having issues with some of my vitamin deficiencies.  There were issues with me being fatigued at times, sluggish, hair falling out (I really had a time with this one) I didn't have it to loose to begin with.  Then there were my fingernails/toe nails, they began to become very brittle.  Taking vitamins also gives my body some nutrients that I don't get enough of, due to the amounts of food that I eat.

My daily routine consists of the following vitamins on a daily basis. Multi-vitamin, Calcium citrate, B12 (sublingual)2500 ml.  I also do an injection of B-12 on myself once a month, due to me not being able to keep my b12 levels up.   So what I thought we would discuss today is Vitamin supplements.  We will take them one at a time.  Lets begin with Multi-Vitamins. 

What is so important about Multi-Vitamins? Here is a good breakdown that I borrowed from a website that I frequent quite often for support. Bariatric Eating After bariatric surgery, we are prone to Vitamin Deficiencies due to poor eating habits, restricted food volumes, and simply by virtue that we have had a bariatric procedure. Avoiding long term health problems is easier than trying to fix them once we have them. Soft or broken bones, IV iron infusions, serious fatigue, permanent nerve damage, and leg cramps are not what we signed on for.

Fortunately, bariatric vitamins are created for our specific post op needs. They promote a bariatric vitamin just for Bariatric patients. Very good vitamin.  When I first began taking multi vitamins I used the Flintstones, they were so much easier for me to get down, I could chew them up. As with a pill I had to crush it or cut it into, to get it down.

Here is another good piece of information in regards to taking vitamins:

It is important that you take vitamin supplements everyday for the rest of your life after having a gastric bypass. If you do not take your vitamin and mineral supplements after surgery you will become malnourished! This is because not only are you unable to consume enough food (quantity) to meet your vitamin & mineral requirements, but also because you will have a decreased ability to digest and absorb certain nutrients after having gastric bypass surgery.  We recommend that you take a multivitamin, plus extra calcium, iron, B12 and Vitamin D supplements. 
Begin taking a multivitamin twice a day while on liquids during the first 2 weeks.  Add your calcium, iron, vitamin B12, and Vitamin D supplements when you progress to soft foods in the third week following your surgery.
To make sure you are taking everything you need, in the correct dose, and in the correct form, we recommend Bariatric Advantage supplements. These are specifically designed for bariatric patients and their specific needs.
Start taking one chewable multivitamin/mineral supplement twice a day while on liquids.  When you progress to soft foods, take them with meals.  For the first few months after surgery, we recommend that you take either liquid or chewable multivitamins because they are easier to digest and absorb.  Find a “complete” multivitamin/mineral supplement, meaning one that has 100% of the Daily Value (DV) for all of the vitamins and minerals.  Specifically, we recommend one of the following (generic, store-brand equivalents are fine too).
  • Bariatric Advantage® Chewable Multi Formula (twice a day)
  • 1 Flintstone’s® Complete (twice a day)
  • 1 Centrum® Chewable (twice a day)
About two months after surgery (or when you are able to take pills and can tolerate solid foods), you can switch to a non-chewable as tolerated.  We recommend any of the following, to be taken twice a day with food (generic, store-brand equivalents are fine):
  • Bariatric Advantage® Chewable Multi Formula (twice a day)
  • One-A-Day® Men’s/Women’s Formula (twice a day)
  • Centrum Performance® 
  • Centrum Silver®  based on your age (twice a day)
Take one multivitamin twice a day (for example 1 at breakfast, 1 at lunch), rather than both at the same time to maximize your absorption of each vitamin.

 I try to encourage my friends that have had any of the bypass procedures to make sure they are taking their vitamins. I hope that I have helped shed a little light on

Please let me know your thoughts as to how you feel about taking a multi vitamin. Pros/Cons etc.

I'll touch on another vitamin another day.

bariatric surgery at the Western Pennsylvania Hospital

Tah Tah for now.
Have a great evening and stay dry and warm.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bloom where your Planted

Getting Through my 4th Thanksgiving, with the new tool that I was provided.  Loving every bit of the journey that I have traveled so far.  I was sitting here listening to my favorite minister on T.V. Joel Osteen. . I have been listening to him for a while now, My mother used to love to listen to him every time she would find him on TV. Well this morning as I reflect back on where I was 4 1/2 yrs ago with my health issues and having made the right decision to go through the Bariatric procedure known as gastric bypass.  I'm grateful, my food portions consist of the size of a child's portion that when you go through a buffet or a meal at home to fix them a plate, just picture that is what my plate looks like.  Yes I do still get a little big eyed, and place more on my plate. And I feel really bad that I can't eat it all that it is wasted. But for some reason it is still hard to change that part of my thoughts process.

Which brings me to the reason for mentioning Joel Osteen this morning.  As you read my post yesterday. Guess It was meant for me to post about that great deal. In which I was able to acquire a total of 118 boxes of M&M's for the nursing home for a grand total of $5.27. I dropped them off this morning and the pure delight in their faces, made me realize that I had indeed completed a very good mission. To help others. This morning Joel's message was "Bloom where your planted".  As I sat here and listened he continued to say. God wants you to excel and do better for yourself.  I truly believe this. For years I have always wanted to be a nurse, go back to school. But being older now I'm running into issues, Math being one of them.  However, Joel reminded me that, theres a reason for that, I'm not quite sure what it is about yet. But I'm sure I will be placed in the right spot at the right time... I believe that yesterdays deal was presented to me for a reason. I also inquired about 3 wks ago in going back to school. I'm going to take baby steps to get there. Maybe not jump head first into the degree, Just take 1 class at a time until I get the prerequisites behind me. 

Due to the field that I have always dreamed of going into. They highly recommend that you don't work during the day so that you can focus on the studies, as it is extremely time consuming. But I have to work, I'm sure there are scholarships that can help, I just don't know how to get them, guess I just need my hand held.  I know that it will not be as easy as it would have been had I gone there before raising my boys. But I believe I can do it.... It will just take me a little longer.  I did manage to accomplish becoming a CNA prior to loosing my mother and doing so while caring for her and still working. The last few days before my mother passed she asked me for, forgiveness for changing me out of the nursing program during my high school days.  She was a nurse and didn't want me to have to go into that field. She would always say there wasn't any money in it.  My response was always Mom the money would be nice, but its not about the money. She told me that I would have made a good nurse. Now I'm sure I've covered this before. But its got to do with my bloom in progress and about helping people in need.

Knowing that one day I will need that help myself and seeing the help that was given to both my parents during their illness/sickness. I feel the calling to work with the elderly.  With that being said.  My goal is to work at the new Veterans facility that will one day be located in Cleveland, Tn.  It hasn't been completely finalized, I'm trying to be positive.
This would make my day. Me not being a veteran but being a daughter of a veteran. I feel like I would be able to relate to a lot of the residents that this facility would have.  I want to give back for the love and care that especially my dad received from the West Palm Beach Veterans hospital. He received his treatment/care from. They were wonderful.  Also supportive to my mother and family.

I feel with the surgery that I had and my health being back on track that I can accomplish things that I at one time I didn't believe I could. So with that being said. I believe in what Joel's Topic was today "Bloom where your planted"  I've been planted in Bradley county and I'm going to make the most of it.  You may see me visiting at some of the local nursing home facilities just be sure to say Hi...  And should you ever need any help please don't hesitate to contact. I love being able to help others.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day.  And think about the topic "Bloom where your Planted"  God will help you in your mission and will help water your bloom when you have planted your seeds.  So that he can watch them grow and Shine.

Tah Tah for now

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Update:

Hello, Its me again..... I just wanted to give a shout out to one of my facebook/coupon friends. Denise W. for sharing a tip on one of the coupon boards I visit frequently. I was sitting her surfing as usual and saw the post she had made for some M&M's at Walgreen's this morning using the coupon booklet. When I read a couple of replies, it was then that I realized I had been given some of the $1.00/2 coupons a few weeks ago from a friend that knew I could use them for deals.

Boy, they just didn't know. Now, when people say they can't get a good deal. I have to scratch my head and think?  Well maybe not... That's not good on my behalf, but in the case of Denise posting the deal, and my new blog post this morning. I searched my purse for the coupons and threw on a sweat shirt, (shh) don't tell anyone that I went out with no make up, don't want to scare anyone off.  But I was able to score 24 boxes of M&M's.  You know where they are going don't you? NO not to my hips.... that's too much sugar, you would find me laid out somewhere. Yes I will be taking them over to the nursing home.  So if anyone else has any coupons they won't be using for this deal. I could put them to good use,  or perhaps you could.  Well, what do you think I paid for these 24 boxes????????

Drum roll pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz!  $1.17 that was tax... Why do people say they can't do any good with using coupons. I know this isn't a necessity but for some of us women?  It's a necessity...
I saved $12.00....
What do you think?
Thank you Denise W. you are awesome. And Ms. Wanda at Walgreen's for always being so friendly with us couponers. You rock..

Tah Tah for Now!  Until another deal comes along.


Thank you for ThanksGiving...

As I sit here and reminisce about the wonderful Thanksgiving that I had, I can't help but count the many blessings, friends, and family that I have.  I certainly hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Its so important to take the time and enjoy each other as you never know when you may not have some of your loved ones to enjoy it with next year.  Savor every moment. Laugh, Love, Cry, and make new memories to share throughout the years to come.  At this time of year its hard to get through without having the friends and family.  I really miss my Mother and Dad, and my friend Bill.  I know they were enjoying their big feast. And that we will get back together with everyone that is missing someday. And it will be one big Party.  Until we meet again...

What did everyone do after eating that wonderful dinner?  Did you cat nap? Did you surf the Internet?  Did you sit down and read the newspapers from front to back? Did you map out your mission for your Black Friday deals?  I did all of the above..... Hard to believe huh?  Multi-tasker I am.  (hehe) Although I don't have a lot of people to shop for, I picked up a few items for my family and I was trying to get me a new laptop computer.  Who got the last one at Walmart???  I'll be over to visit...

Seriously, I do pick up goodies and pay them forward. So while you are out on your missions and with the Wonderful Holiday season of Christmas upon us. Think about picking up something small and pass it on to someone that doesn't have any family. Perhaps a neighbor or visit a nursing home wrap a gift for a male/female and drop it off and ask them to get it to one of their residents that doesn't have anyone. My mother was a resident in this nursing home and now my mother in law is.  The caregivers in this facility go above and beyond their duties. They will be having their Christmas Party Dec 6th., and I know that they would love to have a few extras. 

If by some chance you picked up some free candy after Halloween with those wonderful coupons that we all have started using, I know I did. The Nursing home is needing some candy for their upcoming events.
I'll be hooking them up.  But I could use a little extra help with that. While we were visiting this Thanksgiving with My mother in law. We can't help but be thankful that we were able to get her transferred from Ga, to TN back in April. As it was so hard to drive approx 140 miles round trip to visit her for a few hours. And now we can run across town. This is awesome.  We get to spend more time with her. What a great experience. The history/stories she tells are so funny. Especially about the younguns....Well enough for today. Just wanted to chat a bit and Wish a Happy Belated Thanksgiving to everyone.  It has been wonderful. I am truly thankful for my family, followers and visitors.  Thank you everyone, this is my therapy right now. And everyone is contributing....

Tah Tah!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

God Is Soo Good!!!! What a treat.

Little heart felt thank you to the young man that attends Lee University.

I was in line today at Starbucks to treat myself to a caramel apple spice drink, and received a treat I wasn't expecting.  I was gifted!  What is gifted? A young man in front of me approx 21-22 yrs old handed me a $10.00 bill and told me to pay for my drink and keep the change.  I gave this young man a big hug told him thank you and he said you are very welcome. I told him I would pay it forward. We had to wait a little longer than usual and the store manager passed a coupon for a free drink to all of us that were waiting for us to use on the next visit. You know what that young man did?  Yes.... he passed it on. So, I took and passed mine on as well... What a good thing. You know this is what I call a God thing....

After he received his drink and started out the door this young man came over to me and gave me a big hug and said "God bless you, May you have a wonderful and blessed day". This just made my day.  There are still good people... God is good!!!.  What if everyone did this?  What would our world be like? I've been known to do this myself.  It's been a while and I had actually been thinking of doing just this same gesture yesterday. So the next time your out and about you never know when something good will happen to you... Always pay it forward in all you do.  Just had to share this wonderful treat.  My mother always said to be good to yourself. If I hadn't been following her advice. I'm positive that this young man would have made someone else day. So with the holidays just around the corner. Think about this little inspirational event that happened in our Little Home Town Cleveland, Tn.

Pay for the next persons cup of coffee, donut, or sandwich... They will be grateful, make their day, and encourage them to pay it forward.  Catch the spirit!  Pay it forward......

Tah Tah for now!

Dessert Giveaway For the Holidays, Interested?

Hello My Friends,
I am teaming up and picking up a couple of gift certificates to my friend Micheles' website to give away some cake truffles,  I'm sure you will love these.  Please hop on over to her website and see if you would be interested.  I'll be giving away (2) gift certificates $10.00 each.  You can order her truffles 1/2 dozen, or dozen.  She has several flavors to choose from.  Hope you enjoy.  I will end this give away Sunday evening November 21, 2010. I know its short notice but thought you might be able to enjoy them around the holidays.

This is my first giveaway, so please leave me a comment below and I will draw the lucky winner on sunday evening.

Tah Tah for now, enjoy the day  email me with any questions


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Perfectly Pumpkin Cake w/Cream Cheese Frosting

I just found this recipe and found it to be quite intriging. I hope you will enjoy it. I ran across this website today and this blog works a lot of recipes using splenda.
Let me know how it turns out.  I'll return a in a few and start posting more. Especially since we will be needing a lot of low cal, low sugar recipes during the holidays coming up. If you have any suggestions on recipes you would like to see send me an email

Perfectly Pumpkin Cake w/Cream Cheese Frosting

Tah Tah!

Check Up was excellent!

Well, my 6 month check up was upon me before I had realized it.  Since having my surgery I go every 6 months for lab work.  So far every visit has gone pretty well. There have been a couple of visits where my B-12 levels weren't where they needed to be so the Dr. advised me to make sure that I was taking the B-12 supplement and he also prescribed the B-12 injection that I give myself once a month.  So far this has worked out to be very rewarding. 

Last Friday 11/5/2010 I went for lab work. I was really sweating it. Why, doesn't everyone worry about something?  Me, I have always worried about the things that I shouldn't and don't worry about the things that I should. Then sometimes I worry about everything.... This was this time.  I've been taking my supplements as normal, multi-vitamin, calcium citrate, b-12. 

Friday 11/12/2010, Was follow up with the Dr. day.  My family internal doctor is just wonderful. He was my mothers doctor and she had a lot of confidence in him. And he really ranked high on her list.  He has always been one to put it out there.  I think this is what a lot of doctors are missing today.  They tell you what you ask a question for.  Not him, he comes out and says this, this, and this.... That's good, I know why mom liked him so well.

He came in the office, chatted a bit, reviewed my chart and advised how well I was doing,  I had even lost 5 lbs... (woooohoooooooo)  I was excited about that one within itself. As you know I recently participated in the 5daypouchtest.  I've been doing good since. He has mentioned the last few times that I have went, that I sure do wish your mom could have done as well as you are doing. That boosted my confidence a bit. I needed that, it made me feel good. 

Yesterday, My husband and I drove to Chattanooga to (1) get out of the house. (2) just to window shop.  We decided to eat out.  I know my previous post was about eating out. You can make good choices.

We ate at Rib and Loin  I had a baked potato with chicken.  It was so good.  I wasn't able to eat all of it. So I left it. Most of the time I will bring 1/2 of the potato home and one of the boys will eat the rest. I also really enjoy their tea.  Most of the time when we go to restaurants, I only get water and set it aside, because as you know I can't eat and drink. So yesterday I did order me a tea with lemon.  To take with me, so that when I was able to drink I could treat myself.
It was so good. 

Everyone, Its been a pleasure writing a bit about myself and my experiences that I have had with my gastric bypass.  I would love to take some questions from you. Perhaps post a q&a segment.  Please let me know your thoughts.   I hope everyone is enjoying this weather.  I'll go for now, but email me at if you have any suggestions, questions. Or just want to chat.

Tah Tah for Now!  I've enjoyed our chat.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Choice is yours!

Being given a choice to exercise or Not!  The choice is yours. The vast majority of the findings associated with being healthy or living a healthier life style includes some form of exercise.
Whether it being walking, cardio, spinning, or kick boxing. Do you join a gym or not?  The choice is yours.  Free is always good.  So I vote to walk. This is my choice. Our beautiful city has built a green way in which any one can walk.  Its a beautiful scenery along the mouse creek.  You get to see lots of wildlife.  Brings you to enjoy your walk and it does even make it go by faster. If you are antsy about getting the chore completed.

Take a deep breath enjoy this crisp fall air. Its so hard to begin walking if you haven't been faithful in doing so, or even any exercise. Take it in moderation as you do food.  Do a little each day to begin with. Work your way up.

Food: Your choice, do you cook it or have someone else prepare. I choose to prepare myself. Even though it is so much quicker, and a lot of times cheaper to just pick it up or go eat in.  Step back into time a bit.  Get back to the basics of cooking.

Go to the library, books are free to check out.  Borrow a favorite cookbook from your friends, family.  Take it home read it, plan you a menu and go to cooking. Or perhaps try a inherited recipe from generations before you.  Its better than the processed foods that the restaurants are providing. Yes they cook them, but they also add lots of spices that add to the enhancement of the good food.  This is where they get you, don't get me wrong I love eating out. It just doesn't love me anymore.

Begin to prepare your meals each day. Cook a little extra. Pack your lunches (brown bag it) cook a little extra you can take it to work and enjoy an extra meal. Instead of going out spending $5.00-$10.00 a meal depending on which choice you made for lunch.  Make it a family gathering, get the family involved. Have a son/daughter break out the bread, spread the condiments on it for you. Let them sprinkle the little spices in the meal your making. Get everyone involved. I like Jamie Oliver's approach to getting the schools back on track for the children eating healthier. 

Being a Bariatric Post op. I have to watch what I eat at restaurants.  Depending on my choice. Depends on how my body reacts to the break down process.  Remember we need protein first...and foremost.  No drinking 30 minutes before, during the meal or 30 minutes after.  Yes sip if you get a little choked or the food is dry just to wash it down a bit.  But remember if you drink during the meal the food will be flushed out of your pouch.

Therefore, you will have defeated the purpose of eating the protein first. Bariatric post ops need all the protein, for a number of reasons. It helps with the hair growth, bones, and overall health.

Search for coupons that will help you with saving on bread, sandwich meat, vegetables, etc. They are available. There is currently a coupon for bread, sandwich meat and even frozen vegetables on there.

For Supper have a spaghetti night (Italian Night)
Salad dressing
Now remember print your coupons and hold them until you see a good sale on these items. Coupons up to .60 will double at Bi-lo and a few more stores depending on your area, this would make it $1.20 off .
When signing up to print off your coupons, sign up using another email just for these type offers that way your normal email won't get flooded with offers. This is what I do. Periodically I check the other email for offers from the companies that I have requested coupons from, they love us and continue to send good coupons through email and snail mail. If you ever have any questions on couponing for deals let me know, I'll be glad to help in any way possible. I'll begin posting recipes next week. I'm compiling them now.

Let me know if you get back to cooking I will come over and be your guest.
Have fun with it and enjoy your valuable time with family, and friends.
Think of the holidays ahead of us.  Cook and share with someone that doesn't have any family, invite them over or take them a meal. Or perhaps pick up an extra jar/package with your savings from your coupons to share with the local food banks.

They will be grateful.

Tah Tah for now.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Electing to Vote!

Good morning All,
Can you believe it?  Its November already. That means another month and we'll be celebrating Christmas.  I'm not ready for all of the holidays yet.  I'm trying to catch up with myself. (hehe)
Hope everyone is enjoying the crisp cool mornings and the beautiful warm afternoons. 

I've started writing in my journal again so that I can start putting my book pages together. I'm not sure that is where I need to begin, but that's where I've started. I often asked my friend, how do you know what to write, how do you put words to paper etc.  I didn't score well in English lit.  I guess you can tell.  However, I try and guess that's the most important thing.  Never give up on your dreams. I haven't yet. 

I made it through the Halloween Holiday, and hope everyone else did without the added weight.  I managed not to touch the candy (sigh) Oh but wait, I have a mission and I'm still doing quite well I may add.  I hope everyone got out and voted yesterday and every one's Vote brought who they wanted. I know mine did.  The reason I titled my blog entry today is to see if anyone wanted to vote on me? 

Why do I ask this?  Well, seems I have ran across a dilemma and don't know quite how to handle it.  So I thought I would put it through a vote. For years due to my weight problems, I refused to have any pictures taken. Now I wished I had at least taken 1 full shot of before. There is no full shot except the one at my Dr's office and they are trying to retrieve it from the disk. But I did find a before head shot.

Do I post a before/After picture on here? Or do you think it would scare off my friends?  Guess I should have asked this before Halloween, I could have used this for the goblins. 

Please let me know your vote of yes or no by commenting.  And I'll decide in a couple of weeks if I am brave enough to reveal the before of me. (147) pounds heavier.

Tah Tah for Now