Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Electing to Vote!

Good morning All,
Can you believe it?  Its November already. That means another month and we'll be celebrating Christmas.  I'm not ready for all of the holidays yet.  I'm trying to catch up with myself. (hehe)
Hope everyone is enjoying the crisp cool mornings and the beautiful warm afternoons. 

I've started writing in my journal again so that I can start putting my book pages together. I'm not sure that is where I need to begin, but that's where I've started. I often asked my friend, how do you know what to write, how do you put words to paper etc.  I didn't score well in English lit.  I guess you can tell.  However, I try and guess that's the most important thing.  Never give up on your dreams. I haven't yet. 

I made it through the Halloween Holiday, and hope everyone else did without the added weight.  I managed not to touch the candy (sigh) Oh but wait, I have a mission and I'm still doing quite well I may add.  I hope everyone got out and voted yesterday and every one's Vote brought who they wanted. I know mine did.  The reason I titled my blog entry today is to see if anyone wanted to vote on me? 

Why do I ask this?  Well, seems I have ran across a dilemma and don't know quite how to handle it.  So I thought I would put it through a vote. For years due to my weight problems, I refused to have any pictures taken. Now I wished I had at least taken 1 full shot of before. There is no full shot except the one at my Dr's office and they are trying to retrieve it from the disk. But I did find a before head shot.

Do I post a before/After picture on here? Or do you think it would scare off my friends?  Guess I should have asked this before Halloween, I could have used this for the goblins. 

Please let me know your vote of yes or no by commenting.  And I'll decide in a couple of weeks if I am brave enough to reveal the before of me. (147) pounds heavier.

Tah Tah for Now

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