Sunday, November 14, 2010

Check Up was excellent!

Well, my 6 month check up was upon me before I had realized it.  Since having my surgery I go every 6 months for lab work.  So far every visit has gone pretty well. There have been a couple of visits where my B-12 levels weren't where they needed to be so the Dr. advised me to make sure that I was taking the B-12 supplement and he also prescribed the B-12 injection that I give myself once a month.  So far this has worked out to be very rewarding. 

Last Friday 11/5/2010 I went for lab work. I was really sweating it. Why, doesn't everyone worry about something?  Me, I have always worried about the things that I shouldn't and don't worry about the things that I should. Then sometimes I worry about everything.... This was this time.  I've been taking my supplements as normal, multi-vitamin, calcium citrate, b-12. 

Friday 11/12/2010, Was follow up with the Dr. day.  My family internal doctor is just wonderful. He was my mothers doctor and she had a lot of confidence in him. And he really ranked high on her list.  He has always been one to put it out there.  I think this is what a lot of doctors are missing today.  They tell you what you ask a question for.  Not him, he comes out and says this, this, and this.... That's good, I know why mom liked him so well.

He came in the office, chatted a bit, reviewed my chart and advised how well I was doing,  I had even lost 5 lbs... (woooohoooooooo)  I was excited about that one within itself. As you know I recently participated in the 5daypouchtest.  I've been doing good since. He has mentioned the last few times that I have went, that I sure do wish your mom could have done as well as you are doing. That boosted my confidence a bit. I needed that, it made me feel good. 

Yesterday, My husband and I drove to Chattanooga to (1) get out of the house. (2) just to window shop.  We decided to eat out.  I know my previous post was about eating out. You can make good choices.

We ate at Rib and Loin  I had a baked potato with chicken.  It was so good.  I wasn't able to eat all of it. So I left it. Most of the time I will bring 1/2 of the potato home and one of the boys will eat the rest. I also really enjoy their tea.  Most of the time when we go to restaurants, I only get water and set it aside, because as you know I can't eat and drink. So yesterday I did order me a tea with lemon.  To take with me, so that when I was able to drink I could treat myself.
It was so good. 

Everyone, Its been a pleasure writing a bit about myself and my experiences that I have had with my gastric bypass.  I would love to take some questions from you. Perhaps post a q&a segment.  Please let me know your thoughts.   I hope everyone is enjoying this weather.  I'll go for now, but email me at if you have any suggestions, questions. Or just want to chat.

Tah Tah for Now!  I've enjoyed our chat.

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