Saturday, November 6, 2010

Choice is yours!

Being given a choice to exercise or Not!  The choice is yours. The vast majority of the findings associated with being healthy or living a healthier life style includes some form of exercise.
Whether it being walking, cardio, spinning, or kick boxing. Do you join a gym or not?  The choice is yours.  Free is always good.  So I vote to walk. This is my choice. Our beautiful city has built a green way in which any one can walk.  Its a beautiful scenery along the mouse creek.  You get to see lots of wildlife.  Brings you to enjoy your walk and it does even make it go by faster. If you are antsy about getting the chore completed.

Take a deep breath enjoy this crisp fall air. Its so hard to begin walking if you haven't been faithful in doing so, or even any exercise. Take it in moderation as you do food.  Do a little each day to begin with. Work your way up.

Food: Your choice, do you cook it or have someone else prepare. I choose to prepare myself. Even though it is so much quicker, and a lot of times cheaper to just pick it up or go eat in.  Step back into time a bit.  Get back to the basics of cooking.

Go to the library, books are free to check out.  Borrow a favorite cookbook from your friends, family.  Take it home read it, plan you a menu and go to cooking. Or perhaps try a inherited recipe from generations before you.  Its better than the processed foods that the restaurants are providing. Yes they cook them, but they also add lots of spices that add to the enhancement of the good food.  This is where they get you, don't get me wrong I love eating out. It just doesn't love me anymore.

Begin to prepare your meals each day. Cook a little extra. Pack your lunches (brown bag it) cook a little extra you can take it to work and enjoy an extra meal. Instead of going out spending $5.00-$10.00 a meal depending on which choice you made for lunch.  Make it a family gathering, get the family involved. Have a son/daughter break out the bread, spread the condiments on it for you. Let them sprinkle the little spices in the meal your making. Get everyone involved. I like Jamie Oliver's approach to getting the schools back on track for the children eating healthier. 

Being a Bariatric Post op. I have to watch what I eat at restaurants.  Depending on my choice. Depends on how my body reacts to the break down process.  Remember we need protein first...and foremost.  No drinking 30 minutes before, during the meal or 30 minutes after.  Yes sip if you get a little choked or the food is dry just to wash it down a bit.  But remember if you drink during the meal the food will be flushed out of your pouch.

Therefore, you will have defeated the purpose of eating the protein first. Bariatric post ops need all the protein, for a number of reasons. It helps with the hair growth, bones, and overall health.

Search for coupons that will help you with saving on bread, sandwich meat, vegetables, etc. They are available. There is currently a coupon for bread, sandwich meat and even frozen vegetables on there.

For Supper have a spaghetti night (Italian Night)
Salad dressing
Now remember print your coupons and hold them until you see a good sale on these items. Coupons up to .60 will double at Bi-lo and a few more stores depending on your area, this would make it $1.20 off .
When signing up to print off your coupons, sign up using another email just for these type offers that way your normal email won't get flooded with offers. This is what I do. Periodically I check the other email for offers from the companies that I have requested coupons from, they love us and continue to send good coupons through email and snail mail. If you ever have any questions on couponing for deals let me know, I'll be glad to help in any way possible. I'll begin posting recipes next week. I'm compiling them now.

Let me know if you get back to cooking I will come over and be your guest.
Have fun with it and enjoy your valuable time with family, and friends.
Think of the holidays ahead of us.  Cook and share with someone that doesn't have any family, invite them over or take them a meal. Or perhaps pick up an extra jar/package with your savings from your coupons to share with the local food banks.

They will be grateful.

Tah Tah for now.

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