Sunday, September 18, 2011

Recognition Day!!!!

Deciding to write or not to write about the Recognition day... So Here it is.  I've decided tooooo.... And I feel a little better. How it came about... My friend that I worked with and grew to love as if he was my family was so distinguished.  This man was a well know author. Having been through the military himself, being a owner of a Newspaper and becoming an author after retiring doing what he loved. He and his wife picked the town of Cleveland Tn. To lay down their final roots in. 

We met in the most unusual way. I was a receptionist/clerk at the job that I'm at now. I knew who this man was, due to my dad being in the military and having done a little research for my dad. And also about that time my friend having had his book being turned into a Best Selling Movie.  He walked in to visit one of the ladies that was helping him to promote the beginning of the premier that was to become a part of our towns history. She was the mayor wife.

As I contacted his acquaintance that he was to meet we began to chat and I mentioned that I admired him for writing about his experiences and having them published for our future children and their children and mentioned my dad, as well as him being a Korean War Veteran. In those few minutes that we spoke before his acquaintance arrived, I just didn't know it but this had began our friendship.  He would continue to come in on occasion. Then I moved into a different position in a different building and lost contact with him for about 8 months. 

One day while I was making a trip over to the building he was sitting in the lobby waiting on his friend.  I stopped and spoke with him and gave him a hug.  He was so tickled to see me as I was to see him. That afternoon, while I was checking my mailbox at work. There was a card, when I opened it up. It read " It was so good to see you today, I have missed your smiling face at the front desk, I'll keep in touch."  Well now that just brightened my day.

A week or 2 went by and I hadn't heard from him and I was  helping on a service project here in town Tunes for the troops we were at the post office to help unload the boxes for shipping. While unloading I saw the Red Cadillac that he drove pull up to drop off mail.  I excused myself from the unloading process for a moment to jump down and stop my friend and speak to him giving him a hug.  He was thrilled to see me and ask about what I was doing. And I explained.  Well now he says.  I knew there was something special that we had in common besides your dad's military experience.  We chatted a moment, and I got back to work finishing the other crew with the unloading process.

On the following Monday, there was another letter in my mailbox. Saying how good it was to see me and that I had made his day, to stop what I was doing just to say hi. That day forward he began to send me notes asking for a little help in some research that he was doing, he didn't tell me what he was doing. And I have always been one to not pry.   Then one day he asked, I could really use some help with some typesetting on a project.  At the time, I didn't even know what typesetting was... I know now.  The rest to come......

Checking on when his birthday was,  he told me he no longer has birthdays, he has recognition days.... It took me running into one of his friends at the post office one day to find out when his recognition day was.  And it was only a few days away... so I came home and made him a homemade birthday card, with the cover on it being one of his books, I preceded to write a message on the inside of why this was such a special day. I stamped it with a doggy print and a birthday message, that read:

To my special friend William B. Breuer, In Recognition of your special day...

Love always your friend
Mona Lisa

Rest in peace my friend, I love and miss you....He was the author of 41 published books, And the block buster seller "The Great Raid"....

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