Wednesday, September 14, 2011



Who was it that used to say that???? Minnie Pearl perhaps???? I just loved watching that little lady....

Well I'm checking in to see how everyone has been getting along.  I'm loving that the weather is beginning to cool down. And I can start getting out and enjoying the outside more. Love to walk when its cooler outside and enjoy the scenery.  Well I started the 5 day pouch test again, as you know I have done this before with success of getting back on track with my eating habits. I'm now into day 3 and doing good. I started on my soft foods today, tuesday evening, I made the creamy turkey soup and WOW I was amazed at the taste.

My husband has been doing most of the cooking the last 2-3 years due to him getting off at 1:00pm and I don't get off til 5:00pm. Of course he goes into work at 4am. Works out pretty good for me. I've enjoyed it. Down fall is he knows that I can't eat just anything and he will cook 2 meals most of the time.  He tries to make sure I get in my meals. He also eats when he gets it cooked, and then eats again when I arrive.  So I told him sunday we are going to change it up a bit. 

After getting off  I've came in and cooked meals that were low in carbs/sugars. And healthier than he is used to eating.  When I made the turkey soup last night, he was shocked as well as myself that something that tasted that good was good for you.... I showed him the breakdown of calories, carbs, etc.  So instead of the usual salads that I send him everyday for lunch when I pack our lunches, I fixed him soup. He told me today that one of his co-workers wanted to know what he was eating today, because it smelled so good. 

This evening, I made tuna salad and cut up a tomato and topped it with the tuna. Since I have a hard time eating fish, I've been trying to get up the courage to try the tuna again. I ate about 2 Tbs and that was it for me.  So that means 1 of 2 things. My pouch is tightening up or I just couldn't do anymore of the tuna.  I think it was both.. Which is good. That means my tool that the Dr. provided me is still in place and working like it should be. I just need to control it. I am on a mission to do just that. Today I managed to drink 16 oz of water,  8oz of juice, 8oz of hot/sour soup, 8 oz of cream of turkey soup. 4 egg whites, and of course the tuna, (gulp)....

After we finished our supper, my husband put a roast on in the pressure cooker for Italian Roast beef, so he will be able to eat it tomorrow since Thursdays are usually a long day for me. Then I will just heat up some cream of turkey soup or a pc of chicken, and may even make me a protein shake. That should tide me over.   Friday I will introduce my pouch to a more normal meal. And begin to control myself. And that being day 5. That's an accomplishment.... Yeah, that will mean I am in deed back on track, and I need to stop grazing.....

I'll get off of here for now.  But as for my mission that I started while I was on vacation I completed everything except defrosting my freezer and I'll have to make that a priority before long. As hunting season is right around the corner and the hubby is packing already for his upcoming trip at the end of the month.... So I anticipate venison coming soon. So 1 of the 2 freezers has to be cleaned and room made for it.

Til another day....
Tah Tah for Now.



  1. Well now I see why I haven't heard from you about doing lunch together ;) Glad you're sticking to your plan tho' - know it's hard with so many people bringing donuts and leaving them in your work area. You've encouraged me to seriously think about cutting down the portion sizes and eat more healthy foods. I'm with you about the Tuna-fish tho', can't stand the smell anymore..Hugs, Kay

  2. How about a recipe for that turkey soup? You sold me already and I haven't seen it yet.