Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Digging Out of the Beautiful 2011 Snow

Greetings Everyone. 
Missed you guys!  I have been couped up inside, snowed in. Mother Nature shared between 7-8 inches of beautiful Snow and enough to enjoy. Except we weren't able to get out of the drive way.  How about you?  Did you get any of it?  We don't know what to do with all of this Snow.  I wanted to get out in it, but decided since I can't stand on ground when it isn't slick, I sure wouldn't be able to with snow on it. 

As you see I fell going on 4 wks ago and my right arm/shoulder have been giving me a fit. I'm trying to ignore it but I just won't allow me to.

How's your journaling going?  I'm actually keeping up with it, but with being couped up I did have a tasty desert that I don't normally have. (Snow Cream) I tried to make it without all of the sugar. It turned out good, I just wasn't as tasty as I like it. But I will manage as I don't need the sugar with the effects that it provides me.

After digging our vehicles out of the driveway yesterday anticipating going to work this morning I prepared our lunches. (yes we brown bag)  Its actually a lunch box for my husband and mine is a tinker bell lunch box. I love Tinker Bell.

Breakfast :  3 egg whites, 1 pc of sugar free toast with spray butter

mid morning- 1/2 c of oatmeal with sugar free jelly

Lunch:  Turkey/ham/cheese roll up, no bread

Mid afternoon: sugarfree vanilla wafers with peanut butter cookies used (6 cookies) 2 for each cookie making a total of (3)

Supper:  my husband fixed our chinese stir fry:  We have been getting the frozen stir fry mixture at Aldi's $2.99 and adding cut up chicken to it.  It serves approx 4 people.  We really like this stuff

I didn't drink all of my water only managed to get in 20oz today, I am working on more this evening and I'm having a cup of cappuchino.

Exercise:  am 15 min of slim in 6 dvd, and I'm going to try and get to my bike in a few minutes once my son's company leaves.

Here's a couple of pictures that we took of the snow outside yesterday.

Tah Tah for Now.  Please stay warm and be careful out there its getting slick this evening

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  1. Glad to hear us in NY aren't the only ones getting hit with snow! We've got over 18 inches.

    BTW, thanks for entering my giveaway!