Saturday, January 15, 2011

Music City Bowl Experience 2011

What an experience we recently had!  It started with our Christmas lunch at work. We gathered together to spend a little time with each other and enjoy the lunch that Our Company had provided. It was wonderful. They had a sign up explaining the give away and as we were entering the lunch line. Each one of us was given a ticket and we kept half and put the other half with our name and phone number on it into the box.

I read the sign, but not know actually what it was, I just didn't think anything else about it.  Until that afternoon when my phone rang and I thought I was in trouble (hehe) It showed the Boss calling from speaker phone.  Conversation went something like this:

Boss:  you have won the tickets.
Lisa:  Okay to what sir.
Boss:  to the Music City Bowl
Lisa: That is wonderful
Boss:  Then the other 2 gentlemen that were in the room with him chimed in
advised that it was the football game and I had also won the day off with pay.
And also had a parking pass so that we could park close.
Lisa:  Cool... I said  Yes I'm a country girl.
Boss:  We'll get the tickets to you.
I thanked them all for drawing my name and told them that I would take pictures
which I did, just slow at getting them posted.

With it being year end at work, And myself being in a department that we don't usually schedule any off time
due to the deadlines, in our department. I was already scheduled to be off friday. Because of how the holiday fell on a saturday our department split up the day of when we would be off. Either on a friday or Monday. I had swapped with another lady because she wanted to be off on monday. That worked out great. I wasn't sure if I would be able to use the tickets or not.  After all the game was on a Thursday, I was excited as there are way over 150+ in our office. And I was the lucky one.

After the Administrative Assistant brought over the tickets, I told her that I might not be able to be off on thursday, she advised that they were mine to do with what I wanted. I really wanted to go. When I spoke with my boss she was excited and everyone worked with me.  My co-workers jumped in and made sure that my job was covered. I was extremely greatful. My co-workers are good at helping out.  I hadn't ever been to a game like this before. I was looking forward to it.

My husband had to work, so after he got off we took off to Nashville. We took our time and enjoyed the trip to Nashville. We stopped and ate before we went to the game. Rested a little bit in the vehicle before the game, and watching all the tailgater's. Wow they go all out. The Outcome of the game wasn't what we would have liked for it to have been. We would have loved to have had the headlines read "VOLS WIN" but we got to see a great game and sit with some of my Co-workers. The seats were great and we were able to enjoy it all. What an experience to remember.

After the game ended we drove home and slept late on friday.

Thank you to Mr. Jones and his great Staff for providing the lunch, tickets and the day off with Pay.

So now for the pictures:

Displaying the winning tickets before the game
Taken outside the Titan Stadium

Mr. Dooley, coming down the vol walk

My Husband (Joe and I) Lisa

Tn Cheerleaders

TN marching Band, Now I have several pictures of the formations of the band, as I'm partial to 1/2 time I was in the band in high school and this was my favorite part.


Tah Tah for Now....
Stay warm and I'll chat with you later.

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  1. Looks like fun! How great that your co workers helped out.

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