Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 3 of Journaling our Eats!

Good evening All,
How is everyone doing?  Well I'm happy to report that I have started back to journaling my eats and its amazing what I have discovered that I have been eating and not realizing it.  Today I ran across a little insert that I would like to share with everyone. Found it quite unique. 

My support team Leader/editor over at Living after WLS  posted this powerful message this morning and I was amazed.  Some people have been offended by it and when you read it, you can see why?  However, she speaks from the heart and tells us like it is.  Sometimes, that's what friends/support teams are there for.
You need to hear what they have to say.

At times when you ask your friends/better halves etc, something they will sugar coat it. That's not what we need to keep the focus of our lifestyle.  I have some friends that are right there too. They mean well and they do love us. But they aren't doing us any favors.

Please read what she has to say.  I know its made me think a lot about what she has written. The subject is WLS-Split-Personality-Syndrome . Kaye also has a quote:

I have this as a magnet that I received when I placed an order from her website stuck to my cabinet door so that I can review it each and every time I open it up. And that is several times a day.

My food journal for today
Breakfast:  3 egg whites and 1 pc of sugar free toast, oatmeal with 1 tsp of sugar free strawberry jelly with 1 packet of sweet and low a package of peanut butter crackers. I know that the crackers are a no no but I needed some peanut butter. I was out of my jar of peanut butter that I keep in my cabinet. 

However, Publix here I come. They have it on sale and I will be able to stock back up with my coupons for $.25 cents a jar.  And its (Peter Pan) If you would like to know how I'm going to get it at this price email me. I'll be glad to share it with you.

Lunch:  Salad-lettuce, cauliflower,broccoli,shredded cheese, 2 tbs of vinegar/oil oil salad dressing

Supper:  chicken stir fry 2 cups, 1/4 cup of chips. I know this is a no no, but I needed something salty.
I'll work on breaking this real soon.

I managed to get all of my water in today 64 oz and I've had 2 cups of coffee during the day today
and while I'm working on my updates this evening I had 1 cup of coffee and I'm working on 1 large glass of water with crystal light in it now.

Exercise:  I walked 15 minutes on my treadmill.  I will have to work myself back up to where I was several months ago.  I had became complacent with my routine.  However, with holding my self accountable with trying to make sure that I update my blog, just in case someone is interested will be helping me tremendously.

Thank you my friends.  If you find anything you think would be of interest to blog about, please let me know. I have some of my recipes ready to start being posted as well.  I'll get going soon with that and I haven't forgotten my Music City bowl pictures, they are coming too.

Tah Tah for Now!

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