Monday, January 3, 2011

Journaling our Eats!

Good evening All,
I'm back as promised, I sincerely hope that everyone is as ready as I am to begin our new Year and get back on track.  I didn't start back today, I don't do well on Mondays. So I have picked up my foods for the week and printed off my food journal  to keep up with my foods that I eat. This includes the food that I will catch myself grazing on. 

Today as I sat at my desk and proceeded to get a little caught up, after being off for a few extra days. I tried to make myself aware of what I was grazing on and when. I think I've discovered that its not at work that is my problem. It's after I get home.

Folks with this journal, log everything, even if you don't think its important that way you can see what you are eating or not eating that you should be.

Here's what I had for breakfast this morning.
3 egg whites and 2 pc of sugar free healthy choice bread toasted
1/2 c of oatmeal with raisins
Which is really too much. But I try to get as much protein in that I can, I don't eat all of this at once, It usually takes me about 2 hours to eat the eggs/toast the oatmeal I usually eat it in about 15-20 min.

For lunch I had a salad:
lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower,cheese, raisins, and vinegar/oil salad dressing
1 pc of chicken breast

For supper
my husband made some chicken fajitas, I picked out the chicken and that is all that I ate
until, I found myself back in the kitchen, for a handful of crackers, It took me sitting down about to doze off when I realized "hey your grazing"  and on crackers to beat it all. Because they are dry they have a tendency to get stuck. Then I begin to hiccup. 

Somehow I thought I needed a cup of coffee, because I was out of creamer, I added 2 tbs of sugar free cappuchino.  What I should have been drinking is water.  I did drink 20 oz today. We were extremely busy today, I had 3 cups of decaf coffee besides the water.

So this is where I need to stop myself.  When I catch myself going back to the kitchen is when I need to say to myself.... Get on the treadmill, or incumbent bike and do a couple rounds.

Please feel free to print off you a journal from the above link and get ready to begin a new journey with me.  My goal is to get 20 lbs off by the beginning of April, and we can do this together.  We just have to hold ourselves accountable. 

I also found a freebie today for people that have had the bariatric surgery, you can request a free sample of  Post bariatric vitamins . I've been considering trying these. 

This is my normal vitamins that I take
1 multivitamin (daily)
1 b12 vitamin once a week + 1 shot of b12 once a month
2 calcium citrate (petites) (daily)

I only have 2 prescriptions that I take, (1) is the b12 injection as noted above
(2) diuretic (prn)  I usually don't have to take these except mostly in the summer when my feet/legs swell.

I hope this information will be of some interest and help others. I'll come back again soon.

If you have any questions, Please send me an email. I'll try and help all that I can.

Tah Tah for now.  Good luck,


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