Saturday, October 30, 2010

Twas the night before Halloween!!

The night before Halloween and the trick and treaters have a choice to go trick or treating tonight, tomorrow or both nights.  Seems there is a delima between the two.  Now that my boys are older Halloween just isn't the same.  And I'm okay with that, I get to enjoy the excitement of other little boys and girls getting the thrill of what kind of candy they received.  After the event is over they will go home pour out their bags of candy and I hope that ALL parents will inspect it first.  Then let the children pick out a little bit to eat now and later. 

Just remember also, if you don't want your children to have all of that candy to check and see if any of the local dentists are participating in the candy buy back.

Yesterday at work we had a Halloween contest, I dressed as "Julia Childs"  She is one of my favorite cooks.  I used to love to bake, I just don't bake as much as I used to, No one seems to enjoy it as much anymore.  So there are lots of times that I will bake and treat my co-workers.  Even though I can't eat the goodies that I fix. Due to the sugar content.   It gives me a good feeling to let someone else enjoy.  So yesterday I did bake some cupcakes because I needed them as a prop for my costume.  Then I had the bowl that I left some of the cake mix in with the wooden spoon and spatula.  I had fun with it.

Halloween is a day of getting out with the family and enjoying yourselves.  We have a street here in town that is blocked off and all of the residents decorate and about everyone in town visits.  It has a strong legend behind it.  If you aren't familiar with  "Tall Betsy" find out about the legend. 
 The Legend of Tall Betsy
She comes out only on Halloween
On Centenary Avenue she can be seen,
Tall Betsy is the Lady in Black,
For scaring "night-owls" she has a knack.

Now if you're good and go home early,
You won't get 'et by this gruesome girlie.
But if you linger 'til after ten,
We want you to know you are a "has been".

Cause Betsy will tuck you under her arm,
and you can bet, that is cause for alarm.
To Fort Hill Cemetery she will go,
To her mausoleum, with YOU in tow!

IF you don't escape before sunrise,
I warn you now you will be her prize.
She will have you for breakfast, I do not jest,
You'll be on the menu but not as her guest.

Your bones, she'll dump in that ole well,
At Arnold School and no one will tell.
Your parents, they'll worry and fret,
They'll search all over for you, I'll bet.

So, Go home early on Halloween night
and November 1st You'll be all right.
Trick or treating is so much fun
But if you see Tall Betsy RUN!

Remember to watch out for all the little trick or treaters when it gets dark, which ever day you choose to celebrate this holiday with them.  Halloween Night Cleveland, Tn will be hosting the Block Party again as well. Visit their website for a break down of local entertainment.

Tah Tah for Now!

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  1. Happy Halloween! Even though I grew up in Cleveland, the Legend of Tall Betsy was unfamiliar to me. However, now that the my children attend Arnold, the legend is told every day on the playground among classmates. Now Tall Betsy is a regular topic of discussion at the dinner table. Looking forward to Halloween and hope to get to the museum in time to see that "special someone".