Monday, October 11, 2010

Stepping back to The basics!!!

Just recently in the past 2 weeks, I ran across a website that talks about getting back on track with our pouches.  In case you aren't up to date on the term "pouches"  this is a new term for after surgery patients or "post op".  The term comes from having the gastric bypass, lapband, r&y, etc. The doctors tell us up front at the beginning of our 1st sessions, they are going to provide us a tool.  It is our responsibility to use it to the advantages that it provides.

I'm going to jump ahead of my previous posts for a little bit.  Over the last 2 years I've had quite a bit of stress.  And have found myself to be "grazing" as another term for us because of the size of our pouches we can't eat large quanities, so we eat small bites, continuously.  Until we start finding ourselves, gaining. I am so blessed to have ran across this website.

It provides us another tool, by letting us step back to the basics of the beginning of our journey's.  The first 2 wks post op, we could only drink fluids. has a lot of valuable information on it.  I ordered my kit last week and had scheduled myself to start it today, but I ran off and left my kit at home. So my goal is to begin tomorrow. I did however, start the fluid intakes today such as the water.  I recently found the aquapod waters on sale at foodlion and was able to stock up.  I have 2 cases under my desk at work and several at home.  I'm ready.....  I look forward to getting back to the basics. is the website that I ran across that introduced me to the 5daypouchtest.  They offer soups and even recipes that will help you while you prepare your menu for the test.  This test is there to help you find out if your pouch is still working like it should. Once you get throught the test.  You will have the full feelings that you had when you first had the surgery. Giving you the fullness will help you to start loosing the weight again.  It will help to cut the carb cravings out. 

The lady that runs this website is Kay Bailey. And I have enjoyed reading her blogs and posts, I've even invited her as a friend on facebook and she has been posting some very informational videos.  If you get a chance hop on over to her websites and you will see what I'm so excited about.  I'll come back tomorrow evening once I get through the day and update you as to my progress. 

By the way, When I started researching for my surgery, It took me 3 years to get approved,  All I can say is when you start your mission to get approved. It is "Extremely Important" that you  Document, document, document..... names, dates, even the times that you call insurance companies or doctors.  Every time you go to the doctor have the doctor document that you spoke to him/her regarding what you are interested in.  When the time comes he will be more than happy to write you a letter of recommendation to your insurance company.  He will have all the documentation for your health issues. 

More on that later... I do apologize for jumping around, my organization skills are something that I need to work on. 


  1. These are some great resources for people who have had or plan to one day have bariatric surgery. I hope you are sharing this with lots of people!

  2. I'm trying to, I don't know all of the avenues yet, I've posted on facebook and even started a lense on and I'm trying to update my emails and put it in my signatures at the bottom, do you know of another source I may be missing, thank you so much for all of your help, information, I am really learning a lot