Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 1 of the 5DayPouchTest!

Sucess for day1, almost...I did extremely well today, I started off this morning with my protein drink, of the isopure whey with strawberries and 1/2 c plain yogurt.  Then every 2 hours I was drinking water, until I managed to get 40 oz in before I left work this afternoon.  Bottles are lined up on my counter to remind me to finish up this evening.

For break this morning I began to feel hungry, contemplating whether it was head hunger or tummy hunger, I proceeded to pull out a package of chicken broth, prepared it and drank it.  Upon finishing it, I decided it was just head hunger.

Lunch came, I punched out, walked across the street to CVS to scan my little red card to see what kind of coupons were present today. What kind of coupon do you think I received?  $.99 cents off a bag of Brach's candy corn.  Huh!!!! Why is it when you are trying to get back on track you have all of these damaging products flashed before you?  (refined sugar) is a no no....Too much sugar, for me to consume, So I was lucky they were out and that coupon will just have to be wasted.  Upon exiting my wonderful drug store I walked over to the Chinese restaurant and picked up a container of broth from the hot and sour soup for lunch. Remember I'm on a liquid diet for 2 days.

For supper, I'm going to enjoy the tomato basil soup, that came in my 5daypouchtest kit from

Friends, I'm on a mission,  1 Day down, 4 to go... and I will succeed. It will be worth the sacrifice to be back on track. Making the decision to have the surgery has been well worth what I have endured. Before surgery I was taking 12 different medications.  Today, I take 1 prescription medication on a monthly basis that is my B12 shots that I give myself and I have 1 medication that is PRN (only as needed) and I only need that if my feet and legs are swelling due to excess of sodium.  Which is rare, as long as I'm drinking the water.  Then there are the other over the counters that I will need to take the rest of my life,  Multi-vitamins, B12 sublingual, and calcium citrate. 

Thank you for coming back this evening, I'll report back in tomorrow evening.

Tah Tah for now.....

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