Saturday, October 9, 2010

Halloween Shopping Savings

Good morning on this beautiful cool fall morning.

I've been up sometime, scoping out my deals this morning and thought I would share one that is really a "Hot" one.  Discovered it while surfing the many blogs that are posted for couponers, such as my self.
(obsessive I may add)

Do you have a CVS card? You know the little red card that you carry on your keychain?  If you don't use it, you really should begin.  Scan it when you enter CVS, They have a coupon machine, inside our local store that I visit, they even have $ signs on the floor marking a path to the machine.  How cool is that?  They really want you to use their coupons. You'll be surprised what coupon you will receive. Starting last sunday, CVS was sharing a generous coupon with us.  $5.00 Halloween costumes, accessories or decor.

I'm loving this, Freebies galore....  Of course, I make my rounds by the store about every morning on my way to work, since I do have to pass it.  Yes I am a coupon addict!!!!.  But Love to share with others so I usually pay my findings forward. Especially on thursdays if I pick up candy, cookies, popcorn, you get the picture, thursdays are a day of comfort food for us while we work.

Here are some of the deals that I picked up and didn't even pay tax on.

Halloween Socks -2/$5
small battery flickering pumpkins/skulls-2/$5
Buckets of popcorn-$4.99

and here are other deals that you could also use your coupons on, I just didn't really have a need for any.

Pumpkin Sippy Cups – 2/$4
Small Pumkin sippy cups $.99
Makeup Sets
Window Decals
Orange or Purple String Lights – $3.99
Flickering Battery operated Tea Lights $4.99
Blacklight Lightbulbs – $1
Wigs – for dress up!
SoftSoap Dispenser with Pumpkin Print forgot the price on this
Candles -$1 and up
Fake finger nails-$4.99
Masks -$1.99 and up
Trick or Treat Bags/Pumpkins
Trick or Treat Candy Bowls/baskets
cobb webb $2.99
Tarantulas $1.99
Bags of small erasers/pencils, these would make a great goodie to give to your teachers, They are small so it would need to be for older children.

Well I'm off to use my coupon that I had left over yesterday, thought I would adventure to a different CVS, I would like to get one of the bigger pumpkins that I've seen, to use on my front porch, Instead of a real one. 

Have fun with this, let me know if you enjoy me posting little shopping savings,  I'll also start posting a few recipes soon.

Tah Tah for now.


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