Friday, October 8, 2010

Life changing decision 04

People that find they making the decision to have Bariatric surgery are due to them being overweight most or all of their lives.  Myself, I've had a different journey,  I never really struggled with weight like most of my family, my mother, older sister and even My dear Grandmother were overweight.
My weight struggle began after I had my children.

I always watched as they struggled, the obstacles that they endured with everyday life, especially in public, people can really be mean...

During my 1st pregnancy is where I began to struggle with weight issues, I gained over 70 lbs, taking me nearly 2 yrs afterward to loose most of it, not all.  Six and a half years later I became pregnant again, with this pregnancy I had a few complications, during which I gained around the same amount of weight. I also had Stress and it was an enemy. After delivery I weighed in at 235lbs, only loosing the 8 1/2 that I delivered. I had also decided that was all the children that I wanted.

Health issues along with family stress continued.  I felt like I had to eat to keep my strength up due to the female problems that were persistent.  All while taking care of 2 little boys, working, cooking, normal every day chores. It was good that I had a loving and supporting husband.  Health issues lingered on over 4 years, continuing to put weight on.  There was no time for me. Everyone else always came 1st.  My mother had always told me, "You need to take care of yourself, be good to yourself".  Did I ever listen?  No, I knew it all, so I thought. You know most of us think we are invincible.  My boys till this day think they know it all.  "SHHHHH don't tell them I said that!!!.. And they are 27 and 21.

After struggling and trying to loose weight, you know the routine, Diet pills, La weight loss, Dr's etc.  I would loose and then gain back that and then some.  Realizing what some of the trials that my family had experienced. I would exercise some.

It was when I went to get groceries at the store one day, thinking all of my female problems, had subdued, since I hadn't experienced anything in a week and a half.  I had my grocery buggy full and was headed to the check out.  A very strange feeling came over me I felt my bodies fluids began to flow.  It was like a faucet had been turned on.  Since I knew the store manager personally, I managed to get over to him with out any embarrassing incidents and asked him to hold my groceries for about an hour, I had an emergency that I would be back.  This was on a Friday evening, such as today.

I went back picked up the groceries, and continued my routine.   I called my husband in and advised him, I had, had enough I couldn't go on anymore.  So Monday I made an appt. My Dr. scheduled a hysterectomy.  And the next chapter would soon begin......I was now up to 250 lbs.

I'll give you a break now, this has given me a little inspiration to get up off my batooty and get moving.... Think I'll go for a walk.  I'll blog a little more in a day or so, keep visiting; I have a lot to post.

Tah Tah for now...  Have a great evening....

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