Saturday, October 23, 2010

Feeling Extremely Grateful

Sitting here reminishing on the great things that I should be greatful for.  Everyday we should just stop for a fresh of renewed air. Take a breath, I mean a really deep breath.  Now close your eyes and start at the top of your head. BREATH. In your mind move down your entire body taking more deep breaths as you go, until you reach you feet.  Then open your eyes and think about how do you feel?  Do you feel a little refreshed?  Sometimes I do this just to get myself off of thoughts that are negative. 

Why do I start with this subject,  A co-worker of mine was just approved for the gastric bypass and she is so excited.  And I'm excited for her.  Sometimes you forget where you started from. And she just set me back to remind myself of this. I remember the day that I was approved, I wanted to just shout out to the world.  I"VE BEEN APPROVED.........YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Its such a great feeling and know that perhaps by me having this surgery it gave her inspiration as well as others.  I told her that we could support each other and that there are lots of support on the Bariatric weight losses.  I provided her some websites that I visit so she can start preparing herself for her new journey.  Good luck to my co-worker as well as anyone else that is taking the steps to begin this new journey. 

Tah Tah for now
Have a great Saturday, and remember to take in the beautiful day we are having look at the leaves, listen to the sounds outside, enjoy them.  Remember there are those that are having a tougher day than we are.

would you like to listen to some new local music try out the new group that is local in my hometown

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