Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 5 of the 5daypouchtest !!!!!

WoW!!! what a good feeling it is to number 1, having arrived at day #5, feeling pride and accomplishment, and already feeling the tightness of my pouch.  I have eaten protein for most of the day.  Drinking my water and maintaining what I have needed to for the testing period.  Still haven't had any craving for carbs, sugar. So now I know that my pouch is still a working tool in progress. 

With Kay Bailey's "You Can do This!  slogan,  I believe and I prevailed to get back on track.  I'm looking forward to day 6 and beyond.  This day forward it is up to myself and the tool that is still working to continue to make progress.  Anyone that has had the bariatric procedures, I would highly recommend visiting Kay's website  read what everyone is so excited about including myself.  The is a very valuable tool, that she has created to help everyone. 

I'm not getting anything to endorse her website or list it on here, I'm just passing along the website information that I researched and gained valuable strength, motivation, and inspiration from to help me to get back on track.   I had lost focus, now that I have had a week to get back in focus I can revamp and continue.  The kit that I had ordered from her website contained the soups and a 5daypouchtest owners manual full of information, including recipes, and quotes from other participants that took the test.

Some of the things that I have been able to get back to and had forgotten are what we patients need to do to maintain our successful weight loss.

Eat lots of lean protein, avoid or limit our fats, sugars and alcohol. Drink our water and take our necessary vitamins. Avoid snacking, if you feel the need to snack, eat protein.  Or ask your self, am I really hungry? or is it Head Hunger?  Sip you some water first and see if the urge goes away. If it does then you know that it is Head Hunger, or even when you find yourself thinking about eating, get up go for a walk. A little quote from my mother that she used to tell my niece/nephew when they were younger when they would get on a subject they couldn't shut up about.  "wash your brain" I think of this sometimes. 

I weighed in this morning to the tune of 1 1/2 lbs lighter than when I weighed a couple of days ago when I replaced my battery in my scales.  I'll take the weight loss, this gives me incentive to continue as well. One of my worst carbs that I had discovered recently was "kettle chips"  the crunch is what I really liked other than the flavor.  I passed by them in the store last night and thought to myself, I'm so glad I won't be needing them any more let alone it saving me $3.00 bucks. I wasn't interested any longer.  I've moved back on track to continue with my journey. Land of the no bad carbs/sugars. 

I look forward to continuing this day forward, Thank you so much for being a part of my 5daypouchtest.
Allowing me to blog about my experience, has helped me tremendously. May it help someone else.

Have a great evening, and I will post again soon.
Tah Tah for now, lighter than yesterday


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