Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 3 of the 5daypouch Test !!!

Day 3 check in.  As I began my daily routine this morning at 2:15 am. to get my husband up and ready for work.  I began to pack his lunch and make coffee. I was thinking "WOW" day 3 already and I'm beginning to feel a difference.  I put on 4 boiled eggs to cook while finishing up with packing our lunches.  Which usually consists of 2 salads (2) half cups of fruit (2) containers of measured salad dressing (2) half cups cottage cheese. However, due to me doing the 5daypouchtest, I'm only packing 1 regular lunch and then what my guide advises me to pack and eat for the day for myself.

I then begin to put together breakfast (oatmeal). The serving size that is on the back side of the oatmeal box, is actually too much oatmeal per meal for us. So I break it down to 1/4 cup which makes 1/2 cup of oatmeal when cooked.  I package up the entire box of oatmeal into the small snack size baggies based on the same amount that comes in the prepackaged boxes.  For a fraction of what the prepackaged boxes cost. I can't help it, Frugal is in my blood. This is usually our standard lunch.

Being day 3, I was looking forward to introducing soft foods back into my pouch and I was so excited about the eggs that I was about to consume at yes (3am) in the morning, after all it was day 3.  I need the protein and based on some of the research that I have read, the yolk has the highest protein count in it.  I don't eat the yellow.  I eat the whites. 

I had my strawberry smoothie for breakfast, sugarfree jello and for lunch I had tuna fish.  Since I'm not much of a fish fan, other than shrimp I doctored the tuna up with a teaspoon of mayo and lots of pepper.  Now let me explain the mayo that was added.  It's not recommended to add mayo to the soft food due to this is called or creates the food to become what is called slider food. Meaning it won't stay in your pouch long it will slide on through and the purpose of eating protein is to let it remain in your pouch so that you will have the feeling of being full.  However, I can't eat tuna plain.  Just can't go there....

For supper I had 3 boneless chicken wings from Wendy's. Oh, I forgot to mention, Congratulations to me.  I managed to get all of my water in.  No I didn't cheat, and I didn't drink 30 minutes before or after eating.  I did good....

Or my friend would quote from John Wayne. " Ya dun good"! 

Tah Tah! for now.
Have a wonderful and blessed evening.

Until tomorrow......

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