Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 2 of the 5daypouchtest !!

Good evening everyone,

Completed Day 2 successfully. Not as bad as I had anticipated, so far I'm not missing the carbs not even craving them. So that means that this test is beginning to work.   I was going to weigh myself yesterday before starting but something had been sitting on top of my scales. (battery was dead)  Yes I must confess, haven't been on them, due to me knowing that I had gained weight, this is not good. 

Now that I'm beginning to get back on track, I will begin weighing and holding myself accountable,  thats really what most of us need any way.  Accountability..  If you don't have a support system, then I would suggest journaling your every day intakes, exercise, food, water.  Then you should begin to see the progress.

Right after I woke up from having the surgery during recovery, it was amazing how I felt. Wasn't sure whether it was my imagination or this was how I was supposed to feel.  Waking up thinking that I would be thirsty, most patients usually are since being restricted after midnight the night before.  Food or even drinking was not even on my mind,  didn't even cross it for days. In fact, I had to make my self drink the first 2 wks, and force myself to eat once I was able to.  Had no desire.  The hunger feelings weren't there. 

I was shocked to think, Why didn't I want food or even fluid? That is a part of the tool, that was provided, thats the way that the new system would now be working.  With that being said, if you don't try to test the system, such as sugar, chips, or even an extra bite. You will find yourself doing well.  Don't test it. 

Today's liquid intake consisted of strawberry smoothie for breakfast,  jello for break, broth for lunch, and another smoothie for afternoon break, and this evening for super I enjoyed another bowl of tomato basil soup.  All of the above I mixed my protein powder in to make sure that I was receiving enough protein.  And of course, I conquered my water intake. Yeah for Me!!!!!...  I'm looking forward to tomorrow,  I will begin to reintroduce my pouch to soft foods. 

Until tomorrow evening,
Tah Tah for now.


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