Monday, January 23, 2012


As I began my "Finish List" I realized that one of the 1st things that needs to happen is. This household needs to be decluttered.  With that being said, I am putting that to be my 1st task on my list. Now will I complete that immediately, well no because it took some time to get to the place where it is now, but I am making it a priority.

"Finish List"

* Declutter the house  ---- room by room
* Sort through the many items that are needing to be given away, and discard them before I have the thought" oh I might need that one day"  No give it away...
* Clean up my shop and go through the totes, organize, donate, keep or put up where they need to go
* Bring out the beads and finish up the jewelry that has been started and not completed.  This might actually be good, I will be ahead of the game and be able to create some Christmas gifts for 2012.
* Finish the quilts that I have started, 4 to be exact....
*blog on a weekly basis, if not more than that
*Post some coupon deals for my friends, that are really good on "my favorite deals page"
* crochet a few hats that I have been intending to make to give away to the veterans groups
*start crocheting small angel ornaments to give to the nursing home for their country store so that they will be able to make a little revenue from them to help with the residents activities. I have been wanting to do this for a while now
*Start my sewing projects for my etsy store that I'm wanting to open up
* learn to organize my time for better
* learn to make lists to better myself with the activities, tasks that I need to focus on
*make time to walk more often
* find time to volunteer more often
*Read more books on my kindle
*download more music to my mp3 player
*Create my cookbook with my mothers favorite recipes
*Finish up the series of Bypass options
*Post more recipes for smoothies, soups, etc, that are healthy

I'm sure I have more things to add to my Finish List however, I'll leave them open for now and as I finish a few Perhaps I can add more that I have thought of to complete.

Well I'll go for now, I hope everyone has had a good year so far.  Working on their finish list..... Please let me know if you have created a "finish List" of your own, I would love for you to share some of your ideas., tasks you look forward to completing...

Tah Tah for now.

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