Friday, December 31, 2010

Out with a Bang 2010!

Good evening All,
Thought I would check in for a bit for the last time.... that is for 2010!.  Can't get rid of me that easy. (hehe)
Just wanted to say that my trip to the Music City Bowl was awesome. My husband and I had a really good time.  Our seats were excellent and the game.  Well... I should say it was quite interesting to say the least especially at the end when TN thought they had won. Then ended up they didn't. There is always next yr TN.

I"ll post some pictures tomorrow.

Just touching base, that this year was a really learning experience for me. Having been able to work with my friend the last yr and half. What I learned was tremendous.  Thank you my friend. I miss you dearly..  My mom and dad are missed dearly as well.  Testing my pouch has been something that should not have happened.  But with doing the 5daypouchtest I learned that my pouch was indeed still working.  And I have done extremely well since completing it.  In the yr 2011, I will go back to the basics using this information that was learned from the beginning of my surgery from 2006 and this test. 

My list of duties will come next year.  I've compiled the list with lots of things to share with you and I'm ready to get started with them.  I will be taking them a day at a time and I hope that by posting them, this will help others that have had this same surgery and hope it will inspire them as well. Or help them. 

I won't linger on too long. As you know we only have a little time left in the yr 2010 and I have a few things to get completed that must be.  I have some important coupons to use that will expire at midnight.  As you know I am very much into couponing.  It is a passion of mine or I should say a (hobby).  I enjoy saving money and doing the challenges of seeing what I can get for free, taxes only or at the best lowest price as possible.

I encourage others to use coupons.  Yes it does take some time, however its rewarding especially when you are able to help others with your savings. Our food banks are always in need of help.    God is Good!

Tah Tah for 2010!  And Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!   I'll see you next year.