Friday, February 10, 2017

Reminiscing on the road!!!

As I make my way down the road taking a mental day to regroup my thoughts I can't help but think about all the neglecting of things I love to do.

 Having put them on the back burner for sometime while enjoying the time with my sister I would not have traded that time or trade it for anything in this world those are precious sweet memories

That will in turn keep me motivated on such days I don't have the strength or courage to put 1 foot in front of the other.  Passing by a rest area seeing all the truck drivers pulled over resting, brings me to thinking about my sister Tammy and how many miles had she traveled across the country in one of those big rigs having logged a many of a mile.  Having always traveled safely and returning to her family. After seeing a accident on the local news just this week knowing it could have easily been her during her many travels. I'm so grateful it wasn't my heart goes out to those families that are less fortunate.  She always worked hard and put 110% in anything she set out to accomplish if I accomplish a tenth of that I will be grateful. She was a part of the Thelma(Tammy) and Louise (Lisa) road team the last several years.

 It's with deep sadness that we will no longer be fulfilling those short road trips together.You see she was taken too early by that nasty cancer disease on 11-23-16. She will be greatly missed but still with us as our guardian angel. But one day I will be running the streets of gold with her.

Why now after a few years of being alienated am I returning? Well it has to do with a few loves.....

My younger sisters ambition for the love of writing you see shes written for several years and pretty good at it. How I wish she could have met my friend "Bill" she would have gotten along well with him. He being the history enthusiast and she loving history.

Yeah the 2 would have hit it off..  she's working on getting her work out there and I hope that I  to start getting a little more in tune with my audience trying to bring them different areas of encouragement perhaps post a few of my many talents for you to enjoy.

 Perhaps I'll even bring her on as a guest... Please let me know your thoughts on that.  We can interview her and you can learn about her penmenship.  I've probably lost a few along the way with my rattling just wanted to let you know I was still here kicking and well moving right along with life missing my sister tremendously

. I will be introducing you soon to a very near future author.. please do come back to meet Kimbetly Hammersmith Wiseman as we crank up our blog. I'm looking forward to updating my look as well. Ive really missed everyone.

Stay tuned.

And I ll leave you with my favorite from before TaTa for now...

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