Saturday, April 30, 2011

Community Support Needed

Good morning My Friends,

Wednesday our community was devastated with Several Storms throughout the day/evening.  Many of our friends have been touched.  Our prayers go out to Bradley County, Cleveland TN area as well as the surrounding areas, touching out also to the Alabama area, As I have relatives, co-workers and friends that we haven't been able to get in touch with.  Prayers are needed. Help is needed. Please continue to pray for all that were touched, the many Emergency response teams, Volunteers that are helping and continue to help, Everyone that are going above and beyond to help one another. God is good...

A co-worker and I went yesterday at lunch and dropped off 10 cases of water at the salvation army.  We asked what they needed. Below is a list of what they suggested.  I have a friend over at Inspired by Him Cakes  that are baking cupcakes and distributing them to the communites through out the weekend.  Here is what Michele has posted on her facebook page.

Cupcakes for a Cause

Inspired by Him Cakes is going out in the community to give out over 100 cupcakes tomorrow to those in need. Our mission is to give out more throughout this weekend and next week. In order to do this, we need your help…we are asking those that are able to purchase one dozen cupcakes for $5.00 to donate to food distribution stations in the area. Our cupcakes generally sell for $10.00 a dozen. If you would like to purchase a dozen or more, please send your email address to us via Facebook or at We will send you a link to pay securely via Paypal. We thank you in advance for your help!! We are definitely looking forward to seeing a lot of smiling faces when they get their “sweet treats”!!

On a word for my coupon buddies, If you are local and have stockpiles, We can replace what we have for pennies/free.  This community needs out help now, So I would like to suggest please go through your stock piles and give what you can to the community as we were told yesterday some areas would be without power for weeks.  

Thank you so much in advance and May God Bless you

If anyone would like to help here are the link to Inspired by Him Cakes

 List suggested by the Salvation army

Gallons of water, as people are starting to need to wash clothes TIDE we could sure use your help here. Maybe a mobile unit set up. So the Community could wash clothes. 

Bottled water
Peanut butter
(they are making sandwiches and want to give a loaf of bread, jar of peanut butter and a jar to jelly) to each family.
Anything that is non perishable that they can open up eat right out of the can/package

hair brushes
(necessities) I know that I have several of these items that I have pulled out and boxed for delivery
Laundry detergent

Even games for the children that they can play with, as the schools will not be going back for a while that I was told
Please just take a look around your home, stand back and say "If I were in their Place, what would it be nice to have" to make it

blow up mattresses are really in need

I'm going to drop off my supplies this morning, I'll check again as I'm dropping off at a different location this morning from yesterday and they may have other needs that I know that I haven't mentioned. And post later.

TahTah for now and Have a wonderful day.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the prayers, support in any way that you can help.


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