Saturday, January 22, 2011


Wow, is that a word.. In the beginning of my new journey, I began by living it on liquids for 2 weeks. Then introduced to soft foods. Before moving on to the next step. Which gets me back to where I begin with  the title of todays blog. "Liquefied" I haven't been really feeling well for a few weeks now.  So I thought it might be time to call in some reinforcement, I'm a tough cookie (yes sugar free). However, there is a time where you have to give in. My gut decided I didn't seem to be getting any better.

Symptoms included, nausea, diarrhea. (also known as dumping syndrome) Well maybe it is and isn't this time. The doctor asked me to go onto liquids for a week and see if it would help releave some of the stress that may be on my stomach/gastric track. I'll save you all the details. Let's just say yesterday I really didn't think I was getting better, but towards the end of the day I began to feel a little better. Having been eating/drinking liquids since tuesday I believe the liquid thing was doing better than I thought.

I journeyed over to wally world and began to search the aisles for some soup that might look like I could drink. At the beginning of my journey when I started soups there really wasn't a whole lot to choose from, broth cream of ...... well you get the picture.. Until a box jumped into my sight from the shelf. Calling my name, Lisa look at me....Hey I'm new to you try me out... Creamy soups???? What did I just stumble upon. Pacific Foods was something new I had never saw before.  I have really been impressed with their product, I've even sent the company a "Atta Boy"  button so to speak. So needless to say I'm a fan.

So, as for the journal this week, its kind of been shot, I'm still tracking just a little off track.

Breakfast---Carnation instant breakfast low sugar
Water-liquids-juices, I've actually covered this a little more than normal and this is good.

Lunch--my now found favorite soup---creamy potato leek-

Supper-soup creamy corn southwest


while I was packing my husbands lunch and waiting on the coffee to brew, I did 10 each of leg exercises, squeezed in a little arm exercises. Guess I figured might as well work a little in while I was waiting.. Doesn't hurt anything, better than nothing.  That's pretty much been it for me this past few days. I hope everyone else has been well and stayed warm. I'll touch base later.

Tah Tah for now.

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