Friday, December 10, 2010

Staying Warm?

Hope everyone is staying warm. It's been a little chili here in Tn the last week or so.  Supposed to be really cold starting this weekend with a chance of snow flurries on Sunday. Guess I'm staying in and snuggle with my companion as my good friend would call him. As you know many of us have companions that hunt and this is hunting season. I snuggle while I can before he is off and hunting again next week.

When I was close to 300 lbs before my surgery, I was always hot..... I sweated in the winter time and despised summer.  Now I love summer and despise Winter.  As I have lost my body warmth that I was used to having. The 1st winter that I went through after having my surgery, I lived under the electric blanket. My husband insisted that we get dual controls. I even slept under the blanket way into spring, until I finally got warm.

I would run the blanket on High, have layers of clothing on, and my fuzzy socks.  Now if that wasn't a sight to see????  I know doesn't sound to pretty does it? Now which ladies will confess that I'm not the only one that layers and sleeps in fuzzy socks since loosing the extra baggage????  Confess.  we can leave it here.. Like those commercials you see. "What goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas". Well what goes on, inside my Shopping2Scale blog well sorry can't keep here.... Its too publicized.  I love you though and hope you enjoy visiting.  I just want everyone to smile have a little warmth in their hearts. And since its Christmas, thought I would share a few finger recipes to share with the family, friend or co-workers.  So when you get through here, hop on over to the recipes tab and see what is in there. Hope you can use a few of them.

I'm sharing these due to me not being able to tolerate sugar. There are a lot of family, friends, co-workers that get left behind that can't eat sugar. So thought you could make a special batch for them and let them know how special they were... It makes them feel good that you thought of them. Trust me I know on this one.  The 1st couple of dinners/lunches we had at work everyone brought in goodies. I always had to pass. So I would always try and bring me a little something to eat. So I could be a part of the celebration. 

Also, while your here leave a comment on the Giveaway post and try to win a gift certificate for some sweets. Don't forget, to follow me so you will get the updates when I post.
thank you.

Tah Tah for now.  Love you

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  1. Hi, Lisa. I am passing by and following from the Monday Mingle at Tough Cookie Mommy. Thanks for participating and I hope to see you there every Monday.