Saturday, December 18, 2010

Excitements finally in the Air for Me!!!!

Yippee!!!!!  Finally, got the spirit in me to kick myself in gear to prepare for the Holiday season. Whew!!! finally woke up this morning and thought a week from today is Christmas what am I doing???? Well you see the last 2 yrs have been especially hard not having my parents around. This year is going to be tough but I will prevail. I will miss my friend Bill as well. But Grinch move over, you don't have anything on me.... Santa I have been good this year.

Lots to do today, I did pull out my tree about 2 wks ago and its been sitting in the floor with us walking over it.  Its got to go up, I thought about going to the dollar tree and getting a small one to go onto the table and then I could throw it out after Christmas... No more.  Big tree is going up, oh no.  Decorations I have to pull them out get them on the tree. 

Gifts to be picked up, Oh that area is pretty much covered.... I gift all year.. Goodies to be made.  Oh better make a list of my final to pick ups..... Lets see ingredients for the sugar free cookies for me... thats important, then there are jerome bars that are a holiday favorite for my family, fudge. Hmmm wonder if I can find a sugar free recipe for that one.  Does anyone have a sugar free recipe for a chocolate with walnut fudge they would be kind enough to share with on short notice.  I have found a lot of good sugar free recipes this week at Mommy D's , I can backtrack to Mommy d's I don't remember if there was one there or not. Thought I would ask my friends first. Pickles, olives, cheese bites, crackers. Oh and then there is my chicken cheeseball.. Wow I'm way behind. Long day ahead.

And this week I've found a lot of good information in regards to the bariatric (gastric bypass surgery) from a few other bloggers that I'm going to be sharing after I get everything completed.

I have a lot of traveling to do today.  Oh My goodness, haven't had my decaf coffee, dressed yet, teeth brushed what am I doing?  I'm preparing myself....I had to chat with someone this morning. Yes I'm wired.  I hope everyone hasn't been dragging behind like myself.  I see where a lot of my friends have been partying already.  Thats good.  Well think I'll go fix myself a sugarfree french vanilla latte instead of coffee for the holiday season kick in gear day....

Tah Tah for now... I'll report back in later today to let you know how I did.
Have a great day my friends and Happy Holidays to you....

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