Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Evening Full of Grace

Good evening All,
Hope everyone had a wonderful day. I started the day off right today, I actually got up and did 15 minutes of exercise. Whew getting started is the toughest. After being so lax for a while. Thought I would post a little about myself.

I'm currently in the beginning stages of the Red Hat society, and Love it I may add.  About 5 years ago when my dad was 1st diagnosed with Cancer I flew to florida to visit him I had lost some weight prior to my gastric bypass surgery doing the LA weight loss.  When I started down the escalator he was standing at the foot of the stairs looking for me. Literally Looking right past me.....  He didn't even recognize me and I had only lost 50 lbs at that time.

Once I got to the bottom of the stairs it was then he noticed me and just grinned.  Well there wasn't a day that My mother didn't venture to Wally world, and he so patiently waited for her.  That day that I landed in Fl. We went into the closest walmart and he actually went in too. We passed the red hats and it was then that he decided how lovely this particular hat would be. (red hat)   So he bought it for me.  I had to carry it back home on the plane I couldn't wear it yet as I wasn't of the right age.  He told me to hold on to it until then, Which at the time I had 5 years.....(lol) Well little did I know what he knew...It was just a few weeks later that we would no longer have him with us to share in on the Big Day. I really miss him and my mother...

But the day that I turned 50 I dusted off the cob webs and put the beautiful well preserved hat on and wore it proudly....Oh how lovely I was that day beaming so proudly that he had bought me a beautiful red hat to wear and think of him and my mother.. Knowing they were looking down and smiling. 

I'm going to hang it up for the evening. I hope everyone will enjoy the rest of the day and share it with family and friends. Cherish the moments.  


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  1. I have always pictured myself as a future member of the Red Hats! Nice job.