Book Reviews

Blind Hope "an unwanted dog & the woman she Rescued"
byKim Meeder and Laurie Sacher

I recently had the opportunity to read and review a wonderful inspirational story.
Hope you will pick up the book over at and enjoy.

What a blessing it was to have read this wonderful inspirational story. Myself loving and having adopted a dog before it was put down. Has been so good for our family, He's now a child of ours that fulfills our need to give him love. As I read this inspiring story, of all that this dog had to endure. I can't help but remember a similar story that happened to a dog locally enduring the same.
Please grabe a cup of coffee and this wonderful book cuddle up with with your furry friends and read it. It will make you have that much more compassion for your loved ones that you have surrounded yourself with.

Being able to teach even an individual some of the skills this lady taught her dog requires patience and strength. As I can relate to her on this line, as I'm deaf in my left ear and its sometimes a struggle to comprehend what people say. So me being forced at a early age to learn sign language, It has began to come in at a place in my life, I thought I would never need to know this.
Hope you enjoy the book. Author is to be commended for a wonderful and gifted story that she has written.